The river Fortuna is the winding sweetwater river that crosses through Wolfsbrunn. Taking its name from the fortunes found along its banks, the Fortuna is an important traderoute and source of wealth for the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn.


The river originates in the Vara's Barrier mountainrange, flowing north east for a third of it's total length landinward. It then bends off to the west at Morhan, past Edastein and Toxbach out into the Cobalt Divide.

River of Gold

The river is one of the most direct traderoutes from Morhan to the sea, and thus the rest of the world. small riverboats from Toxbach and Finc make their way up the river to deliver goods to Morhan on a daily basis. The river itself is a source of fresh water and also other types of riches. The village of Edastein is known for its deposits of gold that have been left there by the river. Even higher upstream, near Vara's Barrier, some more adventurous and daring people can be found sifting through the mud and silt in the hopes of finding great wealth hidden by the streaming water of the Fortuna.
Alternative Name(s)
The River of Gold
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