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Jail of the Mayshard   Starting location for Chaotic Campaign   The Hive   Caste system, shunned from the rest of the kingdom of mayshard   Sky creatures trained to not kill prisoners only harass them    
History banner
Daplas was originally intended to be a grand trading outpost of the Mayshard The Navy moved the great shattered mountain closer into Aeirs and with the help of the then powerful Dwarven foundries of Saberhold, chained the mammoth Isle to the mainland. It was discovered that the large mountain like Isle had a series of strange tunnels and catacombs within its stone and earthen depths. After it was attached to the mainland the Isle was used for a short time as a military garrison until it was decided it would be a perfect place to house a jail fortress.  
Government banner
The Fortress is maintained and overseen by a family of Jailers & Headsmen, along with their underlings.  
Defences banner
It should go without saying that the natural defences of Daplas are second to none. The entirety of the fortress is housed within the depths of the mountain, the only tunnels leading to the outside are simply there for goods or prisoner transfers.  
Industry banner
The only industry present in Daplas is punishment and information gathering  
Infrastructure banner
Two skydocks One subsector is actually rather pleasant to be in but of course it is reserved for the family that runs the facility. A series of tunnels and enclosed carts that move between sectors.    
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