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History banner
Founded after the fall of Saberhold The cause of the incident was one clan that has since been ostracised Relatively young city built from what was originally a mine Now very busy and the main production hub for the kingdom of Mayshard  
Government banner
Table of surviving three clans from Saberhold, now oversee the governing between their strongest leaders. Each handles the day to day goings on of different parts of the city to avoid any possible conflict. When they must the three would cast votes within their respective clans to ensure the city is in agreeance with choices made that affect the whole.  
Defences banner
Dalkenhold has very rudimentary defences on its exterior and indeed most of them are currently under construction after the founding of the city However the interior of Dalkenhold is almost impossible to get to from anywhere other than the currently know routes. Mostly due to the extremely hard stone that surrounds the large cave walls, the inner sections of the city are very well protected from outside elements. Weapons - Ballista and cannon towers at main entrance Garrison made up one of the three clans controls the majority of the guard  
Industry banner
Construction is now key to Dalkenkeeps survival, in order to continue to expand and build upon the city's foundation the clans have taken up an even greater level of production. The mines of Dalken have also been extended deeper into the Isle providing new much needed raw materials both for the cities foundation but also for the production of various arms and armaments.  
Infrastructure banner
Much of the infrastructure is built upon the old mines. The main way in and out of the city is a large set of elevators that carry goods and people in and out of the city proper. At the top of these mammoth lifts is a small township known as Dal, the township handles much of the trade for the city below and is the loading point for any cargo ships looking to make deliveries or pick up new goods.  
Guilds & Factions banner
Mercantile Guild Craftsmen's guild Three Clans Rouge Mining Group - Their own way in and out of the city for illegal trade  
Architecture banner
Darkblue stonework Redtile roofs Enchanted lava filled channels & hanging glass spheres filled with glowing gemstones Dark Slate roads Some enchanted earth to grow underground trees Small waterfall on one side of the city for water source  
Geography banner
Located deep within the Dalken Mountains, the newly built city is in a constant state of activity as new space is created and earth hewn and taken up to the surface. At the top of the cities great elevators sits Dal, a small township and skydock built for the soul purpose of exporting goods from the city.  
Resources banner
  The mines are ever expanding and a variety of different metallic ores can be found within their depths. Along with metals Dalkenkeep has in recent years been known to find and export a large variety of gemstones including ones with apparent arcane properties. Lastly however the mine doesn't seem to produce much in the way of straight currency, at least not in the amounts of pure gold and electrum that used to be produced from the mines below Saberhold. Prometheum Ore, a weak copper like ore used in some alloys Iron Ore, the workhorse of the world Oureclase Ore, a silvery-white hard but malleable material Deep Iron Ore, most used for tool making due to its extra durability and toughness Aridrite Ore, recent advances in heating technology have allowed the smelting of Aridrite into Aridium, a lighter equivalent to black steel Carmot Ore, not quite as strong as mithril but more common and widely used as ornamental armor because of its neutral colour Mithril Ore, a lightweight, very strong, silvery metal that is highly sought after for various uses Adamantine Ore, a rare metal renown for its strength, often cited as being unbreakable  
Demographics banner
  60% Dwarven 20% Human 10% Gnome 10% Other

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