Zchecnu Harvester

Zchecnu harvesters, often just called harvesters for short, are what ever child truly fears, and ever soldier resents. These are the people who followed behind the armies and gathered the children left behind, a new harvest so to speak, to take them back to Grakwi and Diomettees. These are the people that Damn every child to the life of a Zchecnu or a quick and painless death if they should fail.   They are the enforcers, the caretakers, the punishment bringers. They watch the training grounds like vultures, lingering on the edges of their society, shunned by the others but bound to their duties.  

How They Came To Be

In 493 the Zchecnu first truly began, but Diomettees wanted more. He sent out his soldiers to raid a village and bring back a child each, old enough to hold and wield a sword but still young. They did as he asked, becoming the first Harvesters.  
As time went on, those same soldiers were told to chose strong children from each of their conquests to bring back and train. Soon, others were chosen to take their place when they could no longer serve the King. Since then there have always been 30-40 harvesters, chosen from the ranks of the Zchecnu by their predecessor.

Their name

Their name began as a joke among the other Zchecnu. People would mock them for their job, comparing them to farmers and lowly people, bringing in the harvest. However, the king heard them use the term and thought it fitting.

What They Do

At first, their only job was to follow behind, gather the children, and get them back to Grakwi safely, but it soon became much more than that.   Harvesters are in charge of punishments for new recurs on top of those that trainers give out. They are in charge of making sure none of them run, and that none of them die. They are also the ones that must dispose of those that have no use or are too weak to make it as a Zchecnu. They become the children’s nightmares, keeping them in the city until they forget how to leave.   Once in a while, a harvester must be the one to end a full fledged Zchecnu once there is no hope left for their survival.
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The Worst Job

While necessary for the survival of the Zchecnu, everyone considers this the worst job to be given. Worse than clean up, worse than stable care, worse than “escort” to his majestic guests. This is the worst since they all remember the terror, the pain and heartbreak of being ripped from their families and sent to become perfect little killers. Even the hardest of them doesn’t wish to do that to another, not when they had to experience it themselves.   With this, there is no sympathy to be had for the harvesters. They are the old, the experienced yet wounded. Once you become a harvester there is little else for you until you eventually die. No one else will take you, still fearful of them even if they won’t admit it.   The life a harvester is a lonely one, and it doesn’t last long either. Usually a new batch of harvesters is chosen ever 2-3 years.


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