Vawb, A Crop Killer

On of the many dangers in the Obœ Delta is not one that can be easily seen. It strikes when no one is looking, small and silent, killing thousands if it succeeds. The Vawb, or, as its often called, The Blight.

This tiny bugs travels in swarms, black against the pale blue sky when they fly or a thick carpet on the ground, knawing their way to the crops. This bug could completly devour and entire feild in a day, ruining the crop and casue in food prices to skyrocket and many people to starve.

Basic Information


The tiny bugs, no larger than the head of a pin, have 2 large, green wings and two smaller stabalizing and steering wings that fold out from underneath. In addition to those, they have 6 little 3 jointed legs than end in a sort of small claw to help them grip the plant while they eat.

Each on of these apendages sprouts from a fat body with a tiny head with one, comparitably enormous eye. On their back is an incrediably sensitive sensor that protects this bug from potential threats from behind or above, like being stepped on or being blown away by a light breeze.

Biological Cycle

Thankfully, the Vawb don't live long, lasting 2 days at most, a couple hours at least. After they hatch from their eggs they are completly grown and off in search of food. Once found, they eat as much as possible then fly off to find a damp, preferably dark and cold place to lay their thousnands of eggs and die. The eggs then sit for an entire year, growing, maturing, surviving, before they finally hatch and continue the cycle. Each egg is practically indisructable except through fire.
Conservation Status
Way too many for anyones liking.
Geographic Distribution

Extermination and prevention

There are many ways to keep the Vawb from destroying your crops, the easiest meathod being to find a hatching ground and burn it. Hatching grounds are rather easy to spot once you know what you are looking for. Even if the eggs themselves are miniscule, the collection of over several million in one spot leave the ground almost black. Shoot some flames over it and presto-changeo your problem is gone.

If some do make it into maturity, hanging chimes or other sound creators will keep them away, the their back sensors reacting with the vibrations in the air.


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Sage LauraVAB
Laura VanArendonk Baugh
17 Dec, 2020 06:27

Cool read. I have a blight in my world as well (which made me curious to see yours!), but it's a fungus. Love your inclusion of using wind chimes to disrupt them with the vibrations!

17 Dec, 2020 07:06

Thanks, I thought the chimes would be an interesting touch to play with culture later.

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