The Leader in Tubl, appointed after the first Tieflings were exiled to the Fire Planes to die only for one, Alarch Deveraeux, to step up and guide the people into life, working along side them to build a city where they can survive the unknown wilds.

Alarch was then appointed the first Thotthä, tasked with forever leading the people into greatness.


While there are no true qualification involed wiuth this title, almost all the royalty have some sort of training under their belt, like strategy and economic classes, as well as watching their parent rule and gleaning information and skills from that. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, like with The Devereaux children.


It is customary that the Thotthä is a Tiefling though not specifically a rule. However, there has never been a non-Tiefling Thotthä. They must, however, be related to the royal line in some way, usually directly related but if the Thotthä dies without any children then it goes to the next closest blood relation.

In most cases, the title is passed down the Arcane Line when avaliable, which has caused some unease between the Pakú and Qöjô while they wait to be appointed the Vokhitha.


The most simple and guiding force of the Thotthä is to guid their people forward. They are the leader and as such must act like it. They are the ones to protect the people from outside forces, and to weed out corruption from the inside. They are responsible for keeping their people well fed and cared for buy keeping the trade routs open and making dure they have access to internal and external recources. If the nation falls, the guilt and blame will fall on the Thotthä.
Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
Ku Thaung
Alternative Naming
Leader, King
Equates to
Very similar to a Gra Ujen or Apsaloosian King as well as the manish Arames.
Source of Authority
The people and Vekeko
Length of Term
Life or until they step down and give it over to their child
Related Organizations


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28 Dec, 2020 16:47

'If the nation falls, the guilt and blame will fall on the Thotthä.' This makes a lot of sense. I hope most have them have been able to live up to their duties!

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28 Dec, 2020 20:51

Thankfully most have. The weight of responsibility is heavy, and I'm glad that came through.

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