The Claws

Up in the north, burried in the base of the northern mountains, bones of creatures past can be found, Frozen, in the ice. They go by many names in many different cultures: Killer, Frost Beasts, Razorteeth. But their most common name is simply The Claw.

These beasts have long been extint, supposedly gone before even before The Great Forgetting if scientists are too be believed. Now they just linger in the ice, waiting to be found and brought back into the world.

Basic Information


Acording to bone structure, scientists believe this creature to have stood about 20ft high with 2 powerful frontal legs and two spingly back paws. It is believed their heads sat low on there body, almost pushed back into the shoulders for protection. Each paw of an adult is at least 4ft wide, mirroring their bite size which could be streached one foot further. Their maw is filled with 2 rows of incredibly sharp teeth, the first layer being serated, the second greatly resembling a Lions teeth. Each paw is equiped with 4 Claws, each retractable and over 3 ft long, still razor sharp. Its these claws that give the creatures their name since these were the first discovered.

Dietary Needs and Habits

While it is not confirmed, it is assumed this creature ate only meat. The believe it would catch its prey first in its front paws before ripping it in two, either with its claws or teeth. Then it would devour its prey as normal, leaving nothing but blood stains on the snow.
Genetic Descendants


Due to danger concerns, any and all practices of Necromancy and other life giving Magics have been prohibited within a 1 mile radius of a known burrial or resting place. None want to imagin what would happen is one of these creatures was brought back from the dead.


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