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Taliesin Ambrosious Sr.


Advisor Taliesin Ambrosious, Sr

Being husband to Caris Ambrosious, father to Talis Ambrosious, Merlin Ambrosious, and Jillian Ambroious, people often expect Taliesin to be some impressive magician, wise and old and entirely too impressive for his own skin. What people don't expect is a tall, wiry bookworm whose love of culture and rare topics only 6 people know about that holds the ear of the Queen as well as being one of her head advisers during the early years of her reign.


Taliesin is something of a strange human, looking more like a combination of a Mountain Fairy and Elf rather than a Human. His eyes are wide with curiosity, their vivid green sparking with ever-growing intensity as he peers through piles of books with ink-stained fingers. If he stopped talking long enough, one might notice his thin, chapped lips and scruffy chin, but the only time that happens is when he's reading and no one should bother him when he's reading. In his youth, Taliesin kept his hair long, but as he grew older he found the curls dangling in front of his eyes more of a hindrance than anything else so he cut it short, leaving just enough to weave into dwarvish braids he'd read about once and fallen in love with.   Everything he wears is mismatched, only ever salvaged by Caris' intervention when it gets out of hand. for simplicities sake, he often wears formal robes tailored into more practical fits, both so he doesn't have to change once a dinner or event happens, but also so he has less of a chance of messing up. If he only has one outfit, then it must work for everything.


At heart, Taliesin is a scholar, obsessed with books and learning and diving deep into the unknown. But he is also a good father. When Caris became overwhelmed with her work, both as an adviser and a teacher, Taliesin stepped up, taking on both his children and the Hook children as well when the occasion called for it. He could often be found out in the gardens, struggling to keep up with the hoard's complex games, always ending up playing either the lowly squire or dragon they all must defeat. His laughter filled the courtyard, unhindered by embarrassment or a desire to be elsewhere. When not being dragged around by the kids, Taliesin takes his vast knowledge of rare and completely irrelevant yet incredibly interesting things and teaches it to them. He serves as a tutor of sorts, filling in the gaps where their normal tutors leave off.   Due to his sporadic thought process, most of the other advisers on the council absolutely hate working with him. He follows thoughts like a golden retriever does instructions when food is involved. He flits between topics with ease, failing to drag anyone else with him into the discussion before moving on to the next important thing. Unfortunately for the council, his vast knowledge makes him invaluable to their problem solving, and he had somehow gained favor of the royal family where they couldn't get rid of him. The days in which he can't make their meetings due to being with the kids are their favorite days.


Early life

Taliesin was born on Chrysoll Terkois, 28th of Aekwamarn, 85 to a well-off couple in Elevenheim.

Adult life


Taliesin finally married Caris on Alxandret Spynell, 7th of Gaaret, 115. Their marriage was, surprisingly, a small affair, filled mainly with distant relatives and Caris' friends.

Called to Court

A year later, his research caught the attention of Sinclare Hook and he invited them to the palace for a couple days to discuss his findings. Once there, they struck up such a friendship, both Sinclare and Queen invited the couple to join their council of advisers and come to court.

Becoming a Father


On Rhoodnit Tuurnaline, 12th of Diamon, 118, They had their first child, a daughter with bright green eyes and thick, curly red hair that stared at everything around her with curiosity. Together, they decided to call her Talis since she so clearly took after her father.   Talis turned out to be an angel child; calm, quiet, learning everything far quicker than most children did.


Their second child came into their lives on Adenvyrn Agte, 32nd of Paerl, 119. While a rather small baby, he came out with such ferocity, they decided to call him Merlin, after the small, yet fierce bird.   If Talis was angelic, Merlin What the devil. So many of Taliesins nights were spent with that child, desperately trying to rock his child to sleep while Caris made sure his screaming didn't wake Talis


Their last child, Jillian was born on Adentvyrn Tazanit, 18th of Zyrkon, 121, screaming her lungs out on her very first breath. Taliesin found out very quickly Jillian was an adventurous child, one that had no qualms fighting him for what she wanted.

Friends at Court

While Taliesin wasn't the most loved among the Queen's advisers, Taliesin did hold on too his friendship with both her and Sinclare. During the children's baby years, they often had playdates where the dads could sit and talk while the little ones tire themselves out playing with each other.   He offered to watch all 6 children when they were all old enough, tottering along with each other, to give Sinclare a chance to do his own thing. In return Sinclare gave him a break while braving the kids, or handing them off to the castle staff when they became too overwhelming.   Through this relationship, Taliesin learned many things about the intricacies of politics, deciding once and for all he didn't want to play any more of an active role in it than necessary. He maintained his position on the council, but only for ceremonial reasons and to give advice when needed. He also gained unlimited funding for his own research projects, a thing he was quite overjoyed about.


As the children grew older, they begged him to become their tutor, claiming school boring for teaching them uninteresting things like Math and etiquette instead of the intricacies of the Forgotten Ones and everything they left behind, or why The Claws went extinct and what they might have looked like in the past. He agreed after Malcouf offered to beat up one of his teachers for teaching him crap and Jillian Encouraged him.   He balanced his few advisory responsibilities, his dedication to his research, and his new task as their tutors quite well. Out of all the parents, Taliesin quickly became the favorite.

Cast Out

When the Queen started making strange desictions, Taliesin stood by his wife as she stood up to her, backing up her advice by having conversations with Sinclare. In 148, Taliesin was removed of his advisory position, only aloud to stay in the palace though Sinclare's insisstance and goodwill.  

His Wife's Death

Caris suddenly fell ill in 168 with no apparent prognosis. Neither medicine or magic would heal her. She died 3 days later.   Taliesin spiraled into a deep depression, finding little joy in anything, even his research. He soon followed her in death on Pyrote Spynle, 2nd of Guuld, 169, unable to deal with his grief any longer.


Date of Birth
Chrysoll Terkois, 28th of Aekwamarn, 85
Date of Death
Pyrote Spynle, 2nd of Guuld, 169
85 169 84 years old
Kind, rich, emerald green ringed with light brown
Cropped, curly red with several, metal-beaded braids woven into it.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Lightly tanned, freckled
Magic Level

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