A warm, cosy, bright in that perpetually smells like something delicious baking. The walls are all of white with thick, vibrant carpets decorating almost every free space, sucking the light from the several, lovely hanging Fyre Lanterns.


The building itself was originally a bakery belonging to a Ekmos Synclairth that was incrediably well known in the local community. Under his controle, the bakery thrived. in his late 80s, Ekmos took on an apprentice, Owen, the son of his best friend. When he died, he passed the bakery off to Owen to do with as he saw fit.

Owen kept the bakery going but added a second and third floor for housing people, turning the bakery into an inn as well.


The bakery is kept in wonderful condition, being a meeting place for many locals in the area, especially with its recent expansion. Synclairth baked goods are considered the gold star for local produce.
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The Rooms

Each of the rooms are very clean and well kept, with bright blankets and absolutly stunning tile floors to match. Most rooms have double windows, allowing for a nice breeze to cool the tennants for their stay, and provide a nice view.


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