Ruby Square

Hundreds of swirling, brilliant colors and designs hanging over the shops and stalls, barely covering the shopkeeps shouting praises for their own wares, desperately trying to drive business towards themselves rather than their competitors. The air hangs thick with spices and cooked meat, Pepper, Garlic, cinnamon and so many other tantalizing scents mixing with the thick, heavy wave sweat and onions.   The largest, most profitable Market in all of Pachoché, Ruby Square, is held in the center of downtown pressed snuggly against the inner wall where all the most prominent denizens spend their time and their coin. Here is the best place to go if you want to make connections, or find rare and fascinating pieces from all over the country.   This Market is the center of all trade, internal and external, besides the river markets in Afedena. Here almost all foreign industry makes its start, entering the city and even the nation here.


While there are all sorts of restaurants that are critically acclaimed with foreign cuisine and ornate dishes, The Ruby Square has some of the best street food in the whole city. all sorts of booths stand on every street corner, mixing native and foreign spices and dishes to create mouth-watering combinations. Each night there are different vendors on the street, making every search for food more interesting and enlightening.


There are several stores to note, most based around clothing and housing accessories. Most people search here to find their more official and ornate clothing and this market specializes in Arachne silk cloth and all of its uses. Here you can find anything and everything from glittering ball gowns to sleek, sophisticated robes. Everything well made, comfortable, and even customizable if you find the right seamstress.
Market square
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If visiting for the first time, do be careful of pickpockets and thieves. Wherever there are large groups of people you can be sure petty crime follows quickly behind. Pachochet pickpockets are known for their bravery and skill, being perfectly capable of targeting individuals in large groups just as well as they would on their lonesome. Some have even been able to take the horn ornaments right off the owner's head without them realizing it.   Try not to flaunt your wealth for you may leave the market without it, but don't forgo it completely. In this section of town, anyone looking on the poor side is instantly suspicious, especially if they are new.


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3 Feb, 2021 18:40

I love the description of the smells all mingling together. Makes my mouth water. I like the warning on the side too. :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
4 Feb, 2021 19:25

Oh yeah, the food here is the absolute best, as long as the pickpockets haven't stolen your money before you go to buy some. Thanks!

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