Quithä (Kwit-thaa)

The Quitha is the partner to the Thottha. while the Thottha is the Nations leader, The Quitha is tasked with supporting their Partner. The Quitha is classically known as the mother of the people, regardless of gender. people see them as a listening ear, a sympathetic shoulder to cry out all their problems too. often, if there are problems in the royal household and surrounding areas, the Quitha is the one to handle and fix it.

A voice for the people

Since a Thottha is tasked with leading the nation and guiding it towards a better future, they often can't listen to everything all the time. because of this, the Quitha is tasked with 1) listening to the people's requests when the Thottha could not, and 2) bringing the more pressing concerns to the Thottha's attention.   in addition to this, they also serve as an advocate for the people. while the Thottha is keeping their sights on greater, more wonderful things, the Quitha makes sure their people don't get neglected in the Thottha's ambition.


while there are no official qualifications, their are an ample amount of cultural necessities. A Quitha is typically a Tiefling, as well as a member of a highborn family. typically, people see the memebers of higher families as better suited to the role even if they can be out of touch with the general populace. there have only been 2 or 3 lowborn Quithas in tublian history and each of them have been put under intense public scrutiny. the most memorable fo these, Eliza Devereaux, was forced to flee the nation with her twin daughters due to being both a commoner and a human. still, because she was married to the current Thottha, she was assigned the title.
Nobility, Non-hereditary
Form of Address
Ku Quiung
Alternative Naming
Supporter, Queen
Source of Authority
Length of Term
From marrage to the Thottha to their recession.
Reports directly to
Related Organizations


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