All Qöjô are the sons of the Thotthä exclusivly. Most commonly they are seen as incredibly alluring men, able to wield their charisma and smiles like a weapon. Most compare them to Tuhku in that aspect, sometimes even calling them the Shadows of Tuhku, either as a complement or insult depending on the circumstance.


There are many expectations the Qöjô must navigate, like keeping up a perfect, royal image at all times. They are expected to be kind, generous, intelligent, and deeply charismatic. They are veiwed as the staple of grace and strength. Their entire lives are scrutinized mercilesly by the public, though most are sympathetic to everything they do, unable to see fault in their actions.

However, dispite their charming nature, all Qöjô are expected to marry someone of appropriate family and rank, sometimes even species. Most people view anything other than a Tiefling union as a horrible scandle.


Just like their sisters, Qöjô are incrediably sheltered, unable to go anywhere without monotering. There is also the view that they too are weak in some way and in need of protecting from the outside world. So they delve inward, perfecting and developing their own skills in art and engineering, anything they can do with their hands. Most even learn how to sew in their spare time, just for something new to do.
Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
Ku Qöjô
Equates to
Prince in eastern nations
Source of Authority
The Thotthä
Length of Term
Life or until they are appointed Vokhitha
Reports directly to
Related Organizations


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28 Dec, 2020 22:43

It sounds so suffocating, being expected to be perfect. I do like the idea that they learn to sew, though!

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
29 Dec, 2020 00:17

It's almost like being in quarantine your whole life, think of all the new skill to learn. Im glad yo liked it.

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