Pyuem (Pi-u-em)

"Our anger is righteous! it is Just! we come, the Power of Pyue at out back and in our veins to bring about what is due!"
Pyuem is the southern Flowep Religeon for Pyue, the deity of Revenge, Anger, and Chaos. While not the smallest religeon in the south, Pyuem is ciertainly not the largest either.

Tenents of Faith


Pyuem is not the place for those who forgive and forget, nor those with cool minds and calm hearts. Pyuem is for those who quake like the dark clouds and growl out chanlenges with thundered-voices. they scream and shout and get Angry for anger, when used well, can be righteous.


There is a strange form of catharsis that comes in destruction, something that realeaces as items crumble under ones hand. This, too, is a virtue of Pyuem. This release is seen as a spiritual awakening, a reset, a necessary part of life. They purposefully cultivate spaces where destruction is allowed and encouraged, as well as defending those who enact the sacred tradition of destruction out side of the Pyuem's territory




their most sacred time [secret]




Founding Date
Religious, Organised Religion

Entry Rites

it is not enough to just want to follow Pyue or invoke her name when in need of revenge. To become a Pyuem-Shra, one must completely give themselves over to anger and chaos. to join, all conections to the outside world; all family and friendships must be ended, horribly, leaving room only for channeling destruction.   Once isolated and alone, a candidate will venture out to sea durring a storm with nothing more than a little boat. they must find they eye of the storm and return to the shores in one piece without the aid of another. once completed, the Pyuem-Shra will welcome the vengful heard into their ranks for they have proven their dedication, their willingness, and their connection to Pyue out on her trecherous waves.


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