Pangella is the main continent in the Second Shudake, and most people think it's the only continent since Lo’nce and Krieth aren't considered continents and the fact that The Tail is not connected is often forgotten and just considered part of Pangella.

Weather Patterns


For some strange reason, temperatures behave...strangely. In the west, they are constantly in their extremes. the further west you go, the hotter it gets, radiating out from The Tower, at least until you reach the northern mountains and Shaye Forest where temperatures even out for some unknown reason.


Many people think the temperature issues are due to the fact Flame settled at the heart of the Fire Planes which is wreking havoc on the rest of Pangella.

Just screwy Zii

Others, those who forgot the Elementals exhist blade everything on the Zii. It's so wonderful to have some great power outside yourself to blame everything you don't understand on, isn't it?

Actual Weather


Rain is...very common, as I'm sure you know. In case you don't, rain is when water falls from the sky due to evaporation. Rain is incredibly common in the east. In fact, it's one of the main reasons the east is so incredibly lush and fertile. It's most common along the coast, especially around the Johetza Swamp.

On the other hand, Rain is incredibly rare in the West, and can pretty much only be found in the north on the regular. It's scarcity has actually cause some cultures and religions to think it cursed since it dampens their heat.

White Fog

White Fog is....honestly? It's terrifying. White Fog originates from the Johetza Swamp and has since spread over the entire coast line, both east and west. It swallows people whole, enticing them deeper inside with voices of loved ones before making them disappear. occasionally, something like lightning happens, except its intense flashes of darkness followed by a chorus of strained screaming.

Not fun. Don't recommend getting caught near one or in one. However, if you do find yourself in that situation, remember this. That is not your loved one.


Pangella is evenly devided between the east and west by the Nott Ridge. Not only does this divide seem to decently split different geographical norms, it also splits eastern and western cultures rather definitively.

The West

The West is a dry, harsh, bright place comprised of mainly deserts and wastelands. It's hotter than the east, its more flamboyant than the east, and some how more friendly than the east, even if everything can and will kill you given the chance.


The Nuoj
The Nuoj Desert is the largest desert on Pangella, filled with rolling sands, stone plataeues, dunes, and even a crystal forest. There are few water sources in the Nuoj Desert, but those that do exist are put to great uses.

People are warned to avoid the center of the Nuoj Desert due to 3 prevalent dangers: The unyeilding heat, Sand Worm hunting grounds, and a surplus of Song Hollows.

The Fire Planes
The Fire Planes are infinatly hotter and drying than the Nuoj Desert, and much more hostile. Their main export is literally practically unquenchable flames. Going there is not for the feint of heart...or for those who can't handle heat in.


The Abhalzh is commonly known by a wrong name, ie, the Outlands. So, letting you know now, the hills and plans north of the Nuoj and East of the Brilens are called the Abhalzh. It's a large, savanna-like plane absolutely covered in snaking hills all pressed right against each other. It's the ancestal home of the Centaurs, as well as several other Ruo.


Shaye Forest
Ok, both the east and the west have their token strange as Eden forest, and the Shaye is it. In this forest, flora specifically seems to ignore the general rules of growth, resulting in larger than life trees that can throw off even the most seasoned traveler.

Due to the Ice Queens prolonged time spent in the forest, the Shaye is considerably colder than the rest of the west, but over the years it's gradually heating up. Even still, ice and snow can be found on the tippy-top of the canopy.

The East

Almost in its entirety, the east is different genres of lush rolling fields, thick forests, mountains, and large lakes. Due to the temperatures being more...stable over in the West, more things are encourage to grow into lush, vibrant produce.


Forbidden Forest
While not a country, the Forbiden Forest is like the east's Hutor: a place for liars, thieves, and generally unwelcome people. Up north 'forest' is an andequite descriptor, but the further south you go it begins to look more and more like a wild, overgrown jungle.
Naish Luu
The Token weird place. The Naish luu is the sight of a large Liquid Magic spill. It used to be normal once, but after prolonged contact with pure magic caused it too...mutate. It's pretty, but don't go inside. likelihood is you won't make it back out.
The Klæ is a large, snowy, thin forest that doesn't need a black and white filter to look dull. Well, almost dull. It's trees do bleed red sap that flows through the snow and soil staining it red. Creepy place, don't recommend.


Crystal Lake
Ok, it's probably more of a sea, but the name Crystal Lake has become so widely spread it's just what it's called now. The Crystal Lake is the largest on pangella, and it's waters both look and turn anything it's in contact with for too long into crystal.


Eastern Glades
The Eastern Glades are several sections of furtile farmland and fields along the southern coast and is where most of the population lives in the East.


Golden Mountain
The Golden Mountain is considered the center of Pangella. It's face has a natural golden sheen to them, and a large, intricate web of caves stretching down into the bowels of the earth.

Flora, Fauna, and People


Seeing as Pangella is a whole continent--one with incredibly strange temperature patterns and uncountable bioms--Pangella has some very varied Flora. All sorts of trees, bushes, flowers, and the like that can be used in all sorts of ways from medicinal to poisons to just beautiful decorations. Below is an ever growing list of the most well known plants including where to find them and their most basic uses.


Like with the various Flora, there is equally a wide distribution of all the different creatures, beasts, and fluffy things that live on, both exclusively and not, Pangella. Below is an ever growing and changing list of the most well known of these creatures, including their habitats, living patterns, and general descriptions.

Peoples and cultures

There are so many cultures, peoples, and groups on pangella, it would be practically impossible to list them all. Instead, below is a list of the largest and most prominent of them.


Apsaloosa is a large country comprised mainly of farmers and some minors. It's not a particularly rich country, but it is a friendly nation and rather welcoming to outsiders.


Ealdora is the center of technological progression, as well as magical integration. Ealdora is a mixing pot of cultures and it sits right below the Golden Mountain.


Faemerion is the country of weird mutant creatures that live in the Naish luu. People don't bother them, and they don't spread further south.

Gra Uje

Gra Uje is the last outpost of The Frozen Empire and it lives up to it's reputable past: It's cold, harsh, and generally uncaring about what it does to the environment.

Hidden city



Kesia is a simple farming nation, one that broke off from Apsaloosa not too long ago and is seeking to make their own name in the world.

Paop Wah

Paop Wah is a nation of carvers, minors, and people that hate looking at the sky. Their cities are burrowed into the mountains that surround them, and they have the most contact with The Underground on accident because they keep digging deeper.


Rasha is a religious nation, one set deep in their rituals and old ways. Almost everything is done communally, and they live in wooden cities suspended in the trees.


Roan is a nation of tricksters and thieves and people who don't take themselves seriously at all. They interact with the environment much more than most of the other nations, choosing not to build big cities where they live but instead small burrows and natural hovels perfect for squirreling away stolen goods.


Thanta is the newest nation in the East, as well as being one of the most prominent suppliers of all sorts of crops for everywhere else. They ended up settled right in the heart of the most ferile lands which they take full advantage of.


WaterHorse is the only nation to have developed a positive, long lasting relationship with any of the Mer-Folk due to their position along the eastern coast.

Ahp Lewab

Ahp Lewab is a technologically inclined nation in the north, pressed right up against the Northern Mountains and the Nott Ridge. While much of it's population is Dragonborn, there are several large, Dwarven communities.


Like many of the other nations in the west, Calgery doesn't have the best reputation. They are known as a waring nation, one that thrives on bloodshed and pain, and overtime they settled in the north of the Nuoj Desert or the Jopuath Waebu.


Greenwood is one of the oldest countries. It first sat and sits once again in the Shaye Forest, returning there after The Frozen Empire fell and the Ice Queen disappeared.


Hutor is arguably one of the most interesting countries due to its lack of laws and complete disregard for anyone else. For those same reasons, Hutor is considered one of the most dangerous countries to outsiders and it is nestled right along the coastline for ease of access and desperation.


Krekkon is actually a series of city states, much like your ancient Greece, that all rest in the Nuoj Desert. Krekkon is a majestic nation, one that embellishes itself with all sorts of jews and crystals that surround them in the desert, literally making them shine.

The Outlands

Like Krekkon, The Outlands are a series of separate peoples under the same name. For them, it's herds or tribes that wander the Abhalzh freely and in accordance to their ancient culture.


The last of the Western Nations, Tubl is a hot bed for trade, culture, and produce in the west. Whatever food not provided by the East comes from the Obœ Delta and is traded up the Iron River by Tublian traders. Tubl sits in the Fire Planes being some of the only people that can survive it's intense heat.

The Forgotten Ones




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