Palace Mëj

The Palace Mëj, also known as the castle district, is the sector of Pachoché where the Palace sits. It is the most heavily guarded Mëj in the city, for good reason. This Mëj, while not open for unsupervised public access, has the most beautiful gardens in the entirety of Pachoché. These guardians surround the palace, sitting just outside the walls, reminding the people of their status and wealth. In these gardens, just outside the palace, several wealthy houses belonging to those who are close to the king and his family.


Here the royal family, their close friends and advisers, and many of their servents live. Becasue of this, the majority of these people are Tieflings, the only non tieflings being some of the servants and Slaves in the palace and houses.


This Mëj of the city is heavily guarded by Gumon Thaz, both on the edges of the the district and throughout the entire place.


People come from all over the country to view the royal gardens, rumored to be the best in all of Tubl. While there is no admissions fee, everyone who enters must be checked, approved, and watched the entire time they are in the Palace Mëj. Visitors are not allowed behind or near the wall guarding the palace.


Every building in this area is absolutely gorgeous, made of while brick and insanely detailed tile. The roofs are coated in gold and silver, rising tall above the thick greens of the surrounding gardens. Tall, large archways with ornately carved doors guard the manors from outsiders.
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Castle District
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