Pach Groves

Thousands of acres in the north devoted almost entirely to the cultivation of the Fyre Bush. These groves are what people usually imagine when they think of the Fire Planes: Bright, sandy, covered in living flames. Most of the people who live in this area are Fire genasi and wraiths, specifically the fire kind.


Unlike much of the rest of the Fire Planes, this section is not flat. Instead, there are several small hills and dunes and some stretches of, if you can believe it with all the fire around, green grass.

Much of the are is cultivated and civilized, but not visibly so. The locals have discovered the best way to grow and harvest the Fyre Bush is to tend to it where it grows instead of moving it elsewhere, leaving much of the land looking wild if incredibly lush. Many outsiders believe the land grows naturally like that, leading them to the conclusion that 1) the locals are in a form of paradise and 2) the locals are incredibly lazy.

This assumption has led and fed much of the hostility towards outsiders.

Fauna & Flora


While the main produce in this are is, in fact, the Fyre Bush, there are several other plants that grow and thrive here. Several different kinds of cacti grow in these parts, most of which either contain poisonous elements, such as needles or water, or have...medicinal qualities, specifically in the anesthesia genres.

There are also some local wildflowers that are, supposedly, unique to this area, like the Gin Daisy and the Harley Rose, both of which are incredibly beautiful against the pale sands.


Most wildlife here is reptilian, which is no surprise. From rattlesnakes to iguanas to the occasional Sand Worm nest. There are several precautions to guard from Sand Worm attacks actually, all of which involve water, which they absolutely hate.

There is the occasional mammal that has wandered it's way into the desert, usually rabbit or hyena. In fact, in the Pach Groves, hyenas are usually domesticated and treated much like dogs. This custom has terrified and surprised many outsiders, much to the humor of the locals.

Speaking of locals, While mostly Fire genasi and Fire wraiths live on this land nice they are the best equipped to survive the intense heat, you can also find large settlements of Red and Yellow Dragonborns and, up in the northern corner under the Pukh Dunes, a large Dunne Dwarven city.


Since this area is easily the hottest place on Pangella, many creatures avoid it since they simply cannot survive the intense temperatures. However, among those that can last longer than 5 minutes in the insane heat, find themselves exploring the vast, intricate scenery in search of a Sphinx who obviously must guard some great treasure. Most locals roll their eyes and ignore any one who brings this up, firstly because it is brought up so often, and secondly because, for the most part, Sphinxi are not native to this area.

Whenever they are not in search of treasure, though this is rare since it seems most travelers are only in search of treasure, they come for the scenery. It is not every day, or every where, you can see plants of all kinds thriving while aflame.

Most people, if they can, choose not to stay in the Pach Groves themselves, either staying lower down in the Fire Planes or up in Greenwood, turning the Pach Groves into more of a day time attraction instead of a vacation location.
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