Old Script

"You have any idea what this says?"

"Naw man, not a clue. Too loopy."
— two teens who stumbled into an old ruin


Our past. Buried beneath our feet, rising from the ground bringing questions, hiding deep in the darkness left in our minds after The Great Forgetting. This is all that the Forgotten Ones left us, rusty, broken pieces of memories buried in the sand.   As you probably already know, nothing much was left behind by them, almost all traces systematically and entirely eradicated. Almost. Some pieces still slipped under the radar, and even fewer of those pieces held writing, completely intact. Its discovery was monumental in understanding and piecing together everything time forgot. But there was one problem.   No one could understand it. Every scrap of script was completely illegible. The historians brought in all language experts from all over Pangella, even reaching out to the islands to no avail. No one could understand it in any stretch of the imagination. All the secrets of the past locked behind an ancient, forgotten language.   As you can imagine, this was incredibly infuriating for everyone involved. People have since devoted themselves to deciphering even one word of it, going so far as to have competitions and prizes up to several thousand Gold but nothing. Nada. Not a single person has been able to crack it. The secrets of the past stay hidden, lingering just out of our understanding, mocking us.


The Old Script is invitingly ornate, filled with strange, complicated symbols that twist and loop around each other delicately. Many scholars have criticized it greatly, claiming it highly inefficient and illegible, some going so far as to blame it for their inability to translate it. This is wrong, those people are just frustrated and projecting their problems onto something else.  

Zii exception

Previously I said no one could read the old script but that isn't strictly true. The Zii can. Some people believe every piece of Old script was written by the Zii, others say the Zii are the last remaining Forgotten Ones. In either case, any follower who sees them, especially Red, reading an Old Script book feels a plume of rage rise up within them. No matter how much they ask, None of the Zii will tell them how to translate it.
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