Obœ Delta

Streaching over 300 miles of coast, this delta is one of the largest, most furtile places in the west. This streach of coast is almost worth more than a large nations entire reserves. This streach of land produced most of the food consumed by the West beside the rare delicasies imported from the Crop Coalition.


This delta is filled with lush, furtile grasses and thick greens. Small rivers and streams snake through the earth, bringing silt and nutrience from the rest of the river to sit and feed the acrs and acrs of crops.

There, the fires are minimal, leaving the water cool and refreshing, and all the mud, rocks, and silt sift to the bottom, effectivly cleansing the water back to a lovely, clear blue. The ground is soft and springy, perfect for growing most crops.

Localized Phenomena

Over this delta there is an impressive amount of rain combaribly. This is part of the reason things get a chance to grow, this and the furtile, wet soil from the river.

Fauna & Flora


There are many plants that naturally grow on this lind, like reeds, sugarcane, bamboo, banana trees, and several types of water lettus. In adittion to that, every year seeds for carrots, wheat, rice, potatoes, spinach, and several other edible plants are sent from the Crop Coalition to be cultivated close to home. These plants, while not the same quality as their eastern counterparts, are highly sought after and could be considered a comodity of sorts.


This is the most diverse set of fauna in the south western deserts since this seems to be a gathering place of sorts, like most Oasis'. There is an incrediable amount of insects, from beetles to flies to termites that eat the trees in the summer. There are many reptilian water based creatures such as crocodiles and lizards with the occasional wetland snake. Many other types of creatures come in phases or migrations depending on the time of year, such as turtles, camels, and the Smum Beast.
Alternative Name(s)
The furtile triangle
Estuary / River delta
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