Northern Mountains

Known as the sentinels of the west, these mountains stretch over the entirety of the Northern border, creating an solid barrier few have tried to pass and even less have returned from. Many suspect only Eden awaits for them though some still believe there is more to find and discover.

Never the less, these mountains teeter on the edge of the known and explored world. To most, whether or not anything else exists beyond these mountains is beside the point. What matters is they are there, and they are not moving.


Frozen ice caps thick with layers of snow. Hidden under miles of ice and snow is cold, grey rock with rivers of iron and gold, deposits of gems and occasionally, though well guarded and kept secret, Sym.

When the sun hits these mountains during fall, setting slowly right behind them, It sets them glittering vividly. In many ways, the way these mountains glitter mimics the Miteba lights when they are at their peak.

Ecosystem Cycles

There is not a time when the ice caps melt completely, but, ironically, during the winter months when the sun lingers in the northern hemisphere the longest, the snow does soften enough for small rivulets to begin dripping down the mountains. These small streams bring the wildlife pouring in from the south. When the sun fades and the snow hardens once again the wildlife makes its way back down south.

Localized Phenomena

Many thunder and lightening storms brew in these mountains that shift down south along the Nott Ridge and Brilens. These storms are known for being incredibly vicious and long lasting. Their clouds are extremely dark and often come along with sleet or hail to really pack the punch. When they stay up in the mountains, they often cause avalanches and, as such, can be incredibly dangerous.

Fauna & Flora


There are hundreds of different types of flowers and grasses, along with small, low bushes and slim grasses. Wildflowers specifically designed to live in the winter winds and snows often grow in incredible patterns and are a greate source of inspiriation for artists from all over.


Most of the creatures that live in these mountains fall under two categories. Adorable or Dangerous. There are a few instances where these category cross over, but for a magority they are two distict categories. One example, of course, is the Null Owl. Another, though extinct, are The Claws.
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