Mt. Thrær

The Mountian is but an ashy husk of what it once was. Mt. Thrær used to be the the home to thousands of species in the west, a place of beauty and safety, just like The Eastern Glades. But in 369 that wall burned away in the largest, most castestrofic erruption since before The Great Forgetting.

Now, Dark Snow falls, instilling fear in all who know what it means. It still looms in the sky, a whispering, dead giant, a constant reminder of all the suffering and pain it casued. No life grows on the mountain, not any more.


Any of its natural beauty was lost. All that is left is a jagged, broken crater coated in thick layers of Dark Snow, stained grey by ash and soot still lingering in the sky. Remnants of the waves of lava rise out of the thick snow, black and ugly against the dripping clouds. Here the wind bites and screames, tearing across the vast empty expanse without mercy, ripping skeletonal trees from the ground and throwing ice shards at invaders. If you are lucky, or unlucky depending on who you ask, you could stumble upon one of the old cities, chared and crumbling. Visual memorials for everyone lost to the Mountains wrath.

Some say if you listen hard enough in these places, where the wind is somewhat stilled, you can hear the ghosts calling out to you, begging you to leave, to save yourself. If you stay long enough, though, the voices will fade away, leaving you feeling as if it is too late to turn back. If you stay longer still, your voice is added to their chorus.


Due to the arctic temperatures and total lack of sunlight since the ash cloud is thickest here, nothing living has returned to make this place their home. People stay away, animals avoid it, and the things of the dark lurk in the deep shadows.

Ecosystem Cycles

There is no Summer. There is no Spring. There is no Fall. Only an endless, eternal, dark Winter.

Localized Phenomena

Occasionally, when the wind has been particularly ferocious, it can cause something called a Shæthi Storm. These storms are much like a sand storm mixed with a tornado. The wind picks up the top most layer of ice and snow, whirling it through the air at impossible speeds. As speed is gained, more snow is picked up till it is almost a solid wall of writhing snow being forced around and destroying everything in its path.

The Local wives tale is that these storms are warnings, agents and soldiers of Red created through dark magics and are summoned when someone attempts to enter his domain without bidding. There is little proof to back this up, but that doesn't stop people from abiding by its lesson.

"Don't Go To The Mountain."


When History began again in The Great Forgetting, this mountain was much different. It was beautiful, lush. A playground for the young Froshatha Deities and all their followers and friends. It watched over the Klæ, proud and tall, rivaling the height of the Golden Mountain.

The Erruption

On 369, Gold 14th, the unthinkable happened. The mountain, which had been beautiful and a place of peace, errupted. One of the many effects of the Magic Spill. It wiped out everything on the mountain and within a 50 mile radius. Everything in the area died or fled, leaving both the mountain and the Klæ completly deserted.


In 490, the new settlers, lead by Diomettees Hook declared the mountian "unlivable" and "a barron waste". It was around this time as well that Red descoved it was a good place to store his books and read, far away from anyone else in the deepest part of the crater.
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Dark Snow
In Most places in the north, snow is seen as an extention of Wakhei, and as such something of beauty and purity. So Dark Snow is seen as corruption and danger, the symbol of evil and dark magic. Most Northerners are supersticious about such things and will avoid any place cursed with this phenomenon.

Red's involvment
Red Has been known to find quiet, cold places to read, reasuch, and write. It just so happens, Mt. Thrær's crater is one of these places. In the center, deepest part of the mountain you can find a brightly lit library with books and scrolls dating back from before history began.
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