Moon River

The Longest river in Pangella, fed by both the Lunar pools and Seeing pools. It streches from the northern springs, running along the edge of the Fire Planes before spilling out into the Siren Seas.

This river is said to be what keeps the unchecked fires in the planes contained, keeping the rest of the world from burning as it has. Because of this, the river has become a clear marker for where the borders between contries lie. The only problem comes when the river shifts in the seasons, minutly granted, but still by several miles in one direction or another.


This river runs just over 3000 miles from the bottom of the Shaye Forest to the Kngomawth cliffs with it being about 45 miles at its widest point. Contrary to common opions even though it makes sense, the water is not perfectly blue with cool, gentle currents ona refreshing day. No, the river runs warm, ocationally shifting to hot in spots where the Fyre Bush grows close to the banks. The water only cools near the Botawth forest and the Obœ Delta.

The water itself is nothing much to look at, being brown and often grey in someplaces due to the ash from the flames. No, the real wonder is the two embankments, where the contrast between the living and the aflame sits in marvalous tandom, separated by water.





Durring summer, most aquatic life is contained and on the move. There is very little seaweed or water grassed growing along the bed or the banks due to the increased heat, especially where the water tempertature verges on boiling. There are a couple places where the wildlife lives indefinately. When the river shifts there are several places where small pools form and small ecosystems built around pathes of seagrass form untill the river returns.


Before the river change happens, schools of salmon and Bearfinns swim upstreame to lay their eggs in the Seeing pools. roosting in the thick mud many bottom feeders feed off the bacteria and dying lichen and algea.

Other than this migration, there is very few other fish that live in these summer waters.



On the winter path, there is much more foliage in the water. The usual grey color shift to a pale green due thick, dense layers of algea completly coating the bottom. When the water shifts, this algea stays, becoming a well known hang out for Orcish teenagers.

In addition to the algea, there are many more types of sea grass and see weeds, including a rare form of Pigsmole that imbeds itself in the bank.


Durring the winter as well there is a drastic surge in aquatic life. All the eggs hatch, sending fully grown salmon and BearFinns back down south. This time is called the Big Haul and is a time where fishmen from both sides of the lake come and collect as much fish as they can carry.
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The Shift

The shift happenes at the bottom of the Seeing pools where the terrain is much more rocky than the rest of its path. In Winter, this section of the north gets a truly astounding amount of rain consitantly, combined with the slowlymelting snow, raising the water level of the river. The river then shifts and flows down a different path that allowes for more water, and consequently leads the river to move around 3 miles East of its original path. When the rains stop and the flood dwindles, the river returns to its previous place.

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