Months, Days, and Meanings

While not massivly, this work is still a WIP
While long-term, exact timekeeping isn't exactly a high priority in most cultures, the second realm has a universal calendar and method for keeping important times, dates, and events straight. There are 12 months in a year, and in each month 5 weeks. Every week is comprised of 7 days. Each Month, Week, and Day is given a name and, generally, there are some beliefs about them, such as their personality and the things best down at those times. Some cultures keep close to these assertions while others think it silly.


There are 12 months in a year, split into 4 groups based on the sun's rising point. The months are split into 4 groups of 3, creating seasons that correspond with the weather and general temperature levels.


When the sun rises from the top of the Nott Ridge, that is the start of a new year, the beginning of spring. Spring is considered the time for new beginnings and settling roots, a time to plant seeds that will grow over the rest of the year.


Gaaret is the first month of spring. The month of Gaaret supposedly symbolizes determination and confidence. since it is the beginning of the new year, Gaaret is a time of new beginnings and plans. This Is also the month of love and compassion, a time to focus outwards on the world instead of at yourself.


Amthyste is the second month of spring, representing the heart of change and new beginnings. This is the month for sincerity, honesty, and humility. Amthyste is a wonderful time to start new projects as well since it is also the time of dreams and wonders. several deities, such as Izma, have claimed this month as their own.


Aekwamarn is the last month of spring, bringing courage, serenity, and meditation to its expectations. As the world finishes warming, people take this last month to make bold decisions for the rest of their year, and possibly their life. Many count this month as the beginning of the job seasons, and new business enterprises are considered blessed if their launch date is in Aekwamarn.


Summer starts when the sun rises directly in the east. Without a firm marker as with spring or fall, the first few days of summer can be debated over, especially if someone miscounted the days in spring. While summer is considered working months, due to the intense heat it can also be seen as more sluggish and lazy, like a routine has been made.


Diamon is the first month of summer, and it brings stability. Those born in Diamon are known to work well in groups, amplifying the people around them as they work. They are excellent team players. Diomon also has a sense of innocence that comes with it, verging on wide-eyed wonder.


Guuld is the hottest month of the year. it is a lazy, sluggish month, where people's dreams and ambitions over linger beyond their outstretched hands. This month tends to be pliant, people and plans often shifting and changing as quickly as the wind. People tend to get greedier in the heat, conserving their own resources instead of sharing.


As the last month of Summer, Paerl is often success motivated. coming off the heat of the year, people are blinking back to awareness, prepping for the harvest months, and shaking off their sluggish behavior. people become focused during this month, and it also brings a sense of wisdom. many people look to the past during this month, learning from past mistakes and fixing their issues.


Fall begins when the sun rises from the tip of The Tail in the south. Fall is a busy series of months, preparing for winter's chill. It is considered a time of community and hard work.


Rudii is the first month of Fall, and it is one focused on community, friendships, and passion. Especially in the west, many believe this month is the best to make friendships or join new communities. In Rudii, things being to ripen and grow full, both produce and relationships. however, this month is not considered a romantic month, sticking to platonic relationships.


Peryot is the heart of Fall and is considered both time for hard work on the harvest, and a spiritual month. many people consider Peryot the most positive of the months, filled with rewards being reaped. It is defiantly one of the busiest months as things from the years' previous come to fruition.


The last of the Fall months. Saphyr is a time of devotion and trust. the work is nearing an end, and the people must trust they have enough to make it through the chilled winter months. in Saphyr, many people are making last-minute preparations. It is also the time of Harvestfest, a big celebration that is celebrated in both the east and the west. Destiny is a large component of Saphyr, and it is believed people have a higher chance to encounter their destiny in Saphyr.


Winter begins when the sun rises in the west. The last 3 months are the coldest out of the year, and as people bunker down for the season, focuses shift from physical accomplishments to more intellectual pursuits and stories.


Opla is a chilled month, one where people begin to focus more on stories and magic instead of physical exploits. It is a quieter month, one tailored for honest communication and loving understanding. During Opla, there is a focus on new families, be it young children or first couples. This month represents the beginning of harder things in their life, and they must have a bond strong enough to survive it.


The coldest month of the year. Many claim Magic is most powerful during Cityne as the rest of the world slumbers. People focus on artistic endeavors and more elaborate stories, working out ways to make things work and keep themselves entertained in the chill. as people are often accomplishing new things, there is an increase in their self-esteem, and it works to keep them cheerful in the cold.


Zyrkon focuses on preparing for the new year. The darkest part is past, and now it is time to look ahead. Zyrkon is a time of travelers and new journeys, a time to put to rest misunderstandings and start anew. Migrations often happen during this month, with people hoping to make it to their new destination by the time life starts back up again in spring.


Beyond the Basic understanding of months and the things they represent, each week out of a month represents something as well. each week in a month corresponds with a name, even if these are rarely used. When writing a date on official documents, the week name is required, otherwise, it can be left off.

1. Spynle

A Spynle week of any month symbolizes both devotion and longevity, almost as if starting something at the beginning is an unsaid promise to see it through till the end. It usually speaks to some kind of passion for whatever has been started, be it a project or relationship.

2. Tuurnaline

Tuurnaline weeks speak often of reconciliation and looking to the past. If something is left hanging, a second week is a good time to finish it or fix a past mistake. Tuurnaline weeks are good for seeking advice from elders.

3. Tazanit

As the third week is a turning point in a month, so are Tazanit weeks turning points in life. Tazanit weeks are perfect times to make changes you normally wouldn't make. They are good for turning life upside down. It is the week to take something negative and turn it positive.

4. Terkois

Terkois weeks are generally peaceful weeks. They are protective weeks, centered on finding tranquility in your present. Some consider it a time of finding a new normal after a Tazanit week, while others see it as a time to learn about something new.

5. Agte

being the last week in a month, Agte weeks focus on centering yourself and preparing for new things. they represent strength and courage, both to stay where you are and go out and start something new.


Each of the days also has different meanings. In each week there are 7, just like your own weeks. When writing a date, you can either give just the number of the day, or the name, or both. If a week name was used, then the official requirements are a number 1-7, but most people just give the number in regards to the whole month. i.e, a date can be written like this 1534, Gaaret, Tazanite, Omyx or like this 1534, Gaaret, 15 Omyx. In either case, the names can be replaced by their corresponding numbers, in which case the second would forgo Omyx altogether.  

1. Omyx

Omyx is the first day of the week, and it is the day of protection. These are days of beginnings and productivity, and any project started on these days is protected from dark forces that may try to harm or corrode it over time.

2. Pyrote

The second day of the week is often considered firey in a way, one that is bright and warm. however, Pyrote can also burn too hotly, making it susceptible to anger or short tempers.

3. Laabrodir

Laabrodir is a day of fertility and creativity, as well as truth. Most people believe someone's art is a window to who they are as a person, and as such to lie while creating something is wrong. Thus Laabrodir is a day of truthful creation and expression.

4. Adentvyrn

Adentvyrn is the middle of the week and it is a perfect day to take chances and learn new skills. It is a day to focus on leadership skills and getting out into the world. Adentvyrn is a prosperous day as well.

5. Rhoodnit

The fifth day of the week is considered a rest day, one to be kind to yourself and others. Compassion and understanding are prevalent during Rhoodnit, and people are more likely to understand if you need time to yourself.

6. Alxandret

Alxandret is globally considered a lucky day. Alexandret is the day when gambling stations are maxed out, Ring Fighting makes most of its money, and chances are taken. On top of that, however, Alxandret is a day of intellectual ingenuity.

7. Chrysoll

The last day of the week is typically devoted to making sure you and the people around you are healthy, both physically and emotionally. If needed, Chrysoll is a day of de-stressing and reconciliation. Any guilts from the week should be aired and apologized for so they don't haunt you into the next week.


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