Miteba lights

Occasionally, when the atmosphere is clear and the night is quiet, Lights begin to swirl up from the Brilens and the Northern Mountains, streaching in pinks and blues over the dark night sky. These lights weave in between the stars, shifting their colors when they reach to close to another celestial body.

They are a strictly northern phenomenon, and many believe they are the work of either Arwe or Red when they are called upon. Most believe Arwe is responsible since she is the deity of the skies and patience, where these lights bring hope and hope and remind people to look up.

However, some people pin the blame on Red, the child of story and time. For most, this idea is pushed to the side since he supposedly spends most of his time in Mt. Thrær and not even a whisp of the Miteba lights have ever been seen that far east, but many in the west who are unaware of those suspitions hold on to that belief. Like the wildflower paintings on the Northern Mountains, these lights inspire stories and myths, igniting the child-like wonder in everyone who looks at them.
Metaphysical, Astral
While these lights are a northern phenomenon, occasionally, a similar phenomena occurs around the Golden Mountain, though instead of vivid cool colors, the effect is in reds, yellows, and golds. There is some debate over whether they are the same thing, since normal miteba lights are considered deital while the lights around the Golden Mountain are considered a refraction of sunlight, hence the warm colors.


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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
20 Dec, 2020 22:25

I love the art and theme. I like the idea behind this. Is this their idea of an Aurora? M well done!

20 Dec, 2020 22:41

Thanks! I'm still perfecting the CSS right now but I do think it's going well. And yes, this was heavily inspired by the northern lights. Im glad you liked it.

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