The Meerkrow is a... strange bird. It does not craw, but it does scream at the sun only when it is at its peak. It hops around on foot then the other, flapping its wings in pain even if it can fly away. It is attracted to hot, dry, bright places even though it is black and its feathers are built for swimming, much like a ducks. Every aspect of this bird screams contradition and yet, no matter how long they have been watched and studied, no one can figure out why they are the way they are.

They originally came from the Johetza Swamp before migrating en mass west for some unknown reason though it was right around the time the first temples to Nic where being erected, leading many to think they belong to Kiiy, the only deity to dislike Nic. Besides, these birds really need a surplus of luck to survive.

Basic Information


These birds, like most other birds, have a body, one head, 1 tail, two large wings, and 2 spindly legs. Its covered in waxy black feathers that hold heat incrediably well, a feature that has proved deadly more times than most people can count.

One thing that makes these birds stand out is their surplus of eyes. It varies from bird to bird but they never just have two eyes, and their eyes do not have to be on their face. Some birds have eyes on their neck, their back, their wings. Some are completely covered in eyes while others have none. It's freaky.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Supposedly these birds live off of worms and dead carcasses, much like scavengers, but if you ask any Tublian they will knock back a drink with a grimace and exclaim "Luck!" and walk away, effectivly dropping all conversation about the birds.
Geographic Distribution
The one thing that does make sense about thir bird is its inherent connection to Magic. Only that could be the explaination as to its strangness. This quickly traslates over to spell components.

Spells have a habit of preforming better when using parts of the Meekrow, like its feathers, eyes, or bones. This has made their parts sky rocket in highend magica comunities, becoming much desired comodities.

When people really want a spell to work, they often ask specifically for Meekrow components, declaring them good luck.


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