A large, scattered, grey trees that barely provide shade from the ashy sky. The Klæ is spread out in the north, surrounding Calthris Deep and framing the edges of Gra Uje. On first glance, these woods look dead and barren, the scorched skeletons of Iron Tree left behind after a great disaster of some kind. Travelers call it The Dead Zone, and there are hundreds of myths and legends about the dead rising, zombies walking among and terrorizing the towns, Witches using dark magic and calling upon the forces of the Fourth Shudake. This is a haunted, cursed place, one where corruption and sorrow fester uncontrolled and unchecked.


Every step into this undead land feels cursed. The air is heavy with smoke, sunlight considered a rare novelty on good days but it never lasts long. Dry, coarse dirt leaves the natives struggling to grown anything edible. They rely heavily on the trade form other nations whenever it's available, and when it's not they are forced to turn to other means. At least clean water is already available from Calthris Deep, though, for some reason, the water always has a coppery, sour note to it. 

The sky is almost always grey, drowning in clouds and smoke. It weighs heavily on the environment, stifling any spark of color and hope. There is nothing to see other than the grey, barren trees against the grey, looming sky, on the grey, rocky earth. Wait, no. I lied. There is one color that seems to come from this haunted place naturally. Red. In some of the smaller crevices and continual ruts in the earth, a liquid which looks and behaves disturbingly like blood flows free. It comes from the Iron Tree bark, dripping like sap and soaking into the earth and flowing through the scars carved in the earth, feeding the stories about sacrificial rituals.


Much like in the Johetza Swamp, almost all life revolves around the Iron Trees. Each tree is almost a battleground of sorts between whatever creatures have decided to make it their home. Avian creatures build shelters in its many branches, beasts dig holes underneath, using its roots as shelter. Its sap is a major food source for many creature. In this place, since there are almost no edible plants and even if there were it wouldn't matter since most creatures are carnivorous, it is survival of the fittest. The powerful eat the weak and when the powerful finally die their carcass feeds the weak. A cycle, if a brutal one.

Fauna & Flora


There is very little that grows in these parts, and almost everything is based off the Iron Trees. Any plants that do make their way here require very little water and sunlight, either living off of ...other... fluids, or just not needing any at all.

Most of the plants have an ashy coloring to them, blending in well with the rest of the environment. None of them are incredibly leafy, more all thorns and branches.

If they do end up producing leaves or the occasional flower, It ends up some shade of red or possibly pink depending on the surrounding soil and its properties. One Thing to remember is the pinker its leaves are and the less thorns it has, the stronger its effects are, either medicinal or poison. 


All monsters, beasts, and people that live in the Klæ are dreary, brutal things. Ever nice the eruption of Mt. Thrær the only truly native creature are the Ash Nymphs who rose from the carnage and made their home in its remains. Other beasts soon migrated back, shifting to survive in its harsh environments. Null Owls Came from the East, coming over the Nott Ridge and finding solace in its vast, chilled expanse that was so much like their natural habitat.

There are also several smaller species that look and act much like bunnies, the only difference being they live off of heavy metals found in meat, and a main source of that is blood. Vampire bunnies. Ain't that grand. It is incredibly common that creatures survive almost entirely on meat, turning the entire forest into a carnivorous war zone that screams danger and despair.  


The First Age

  Before any settlers from The Frozen Empire invaded, it was said this land was a lush, lively forest and glade. The first writings describing this place refer to it as 'Paradise on earth' or 'a window into the First Shudake".

In 369, the same year of the Magic Spill that made Faemerion, a Volcano erupted in the northern mountains just above the forest, raining fire and ash down, smothering everything into death. People fled the area, believing nothing could survive in these conditions. The volcano destroyed everything, ruining the earth and choking out the sun. The only thing to survive were the young Iron Trees.  


In the year 489 a new group of settlers from The Frozen Empire led by Diomettees Hook took root into the old husks of forgotten cities and castles rising from the volcanic remains. Since then the entirety of the Klæ has been under Ujan control. Gradually, life started to return to the woods, though never to the vibrancy and lush glory it was before.
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The Dead Zone
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