Johetza Swamp

The Johetza swamp is a large section of land on the southern coast and saddling up against the Destiny River and Glass Cliffs and pressed against the southern part of the Nott Ridge. The land itself is thick in nature, as well as teeming with life of many types.


Dark, murky waters of indeterminable depth stretching for miles, home to all sorts of carnivorous monsters and beasts ready to devour whatever prey comes their way. Small mounds of mud and rock rise from the vast expanse, dull and sloppy, providing glorious hiding places and burrows for the native creatures. None would describe this place as beautiful, not unless they’ve never seen anything else besides the dull, brown, green, dead lands.


The Johetza rule these waters and lands, rising from the waters like giant sentinels, waiting. They are the main predators of the land, easily on top of the food chain, even above the sentient species inhabiting the area. However, the Johetza also provide homes and shelter for the other organisms, being some of the only food source for most creatures.

Ecosystem Cycles

During winter the Johetza go into hibernation, causing much of the local wildlife to either die off or join them. Occasionally, in the northern edge, the water freezes over for a few months, causing everything in the area to die from lack of food and safety from the elements. Life resumes in the thaw and grows to incredibly overwhelming amounts during summer at the peak of mating season. Summer is usually the most dangerous time to be wandering along in the swamp as most creatures are hunting to provide for their young.

Localized Phenomena

Geysers in these waters occasionally secrete a gas-like substance known as the White Fog in the height of both winter and summer where temperatures reach their extremes. These “fogs” are usually accompanied by cool geysers that flow for 5 to 10 minutes before sputtering out. These geysers fuel the low currents and can be predicted if you are familiar enough with the way of the swamp, a useful skill.


There is not much tourism in these parts, most people deterred by the murderous trees no hallucitory fog that seems to always prowl over the waters. However, many treasure hunters and, surprisingly, architects, come to explore the swamp. Treasure hunters are drawn by the many myths fo lost temples of Nic Or Slinesh. Architects are drawn by the unique way of life demonstrated by the Rashans With their suspended cities and dynamic walkways. They also draw inspiration for support from the large boughs of the Johetza.
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