So many people have wanted to be immortal. To never grow old. To live forever, watching time slowly slip by, slip away. People think of the benifits, of the opportunities, but they often forget the price that comes with it. to truly watch everyone and everything around you wither, to leave untouched while everything else stays. Being immortal means time will no longer touch you in any way, leaving you a preserved relic of the past, pulled from its rightful place in history.


There are many ways to become imortal. Unfortunately, each of these ways are incrediably difficult to pull off, making immortality seem like something unattainable.


Those with the blood of an Elemental in their system are automatically granted imortality. This comes either through birth, like the Hook's, or through injesting the blood in some way, like with Esmerelda. This, surprisingly, is the most common method to immortality.


Similar to blood, In one or two rare occations an Elemental can give the gift of Immortality to whomever they desire. However, theis is incrediably rare and those that have recieved this gift have proven themselves in some way to an Elemental. With them in hidding, this meathod has become by far the most difficult.

Ancient Artifact

The last way and most varied comes through ancient artifacts and locations, such as the fountain of youth. These locations and artifacts are few and far between, making their discovery and use very rare. Currently, the only immortal comeing from this meathod is Sabor Lerone after he was given the last cup of water from the fountain of youth.


No matter the meathod, each person reaches the same place. Being untouched by time. This does not mean they can not die, only that time will no longer effect them. Immortals can still be killed through poison, stabbings, magic, sickness, and many other unatural ways.
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital
Extremely Rare


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