Hidden city

The Hidden city is a close one to me, seeing as it is where I grew up. The people who live there are kind, joyous, and caring, Each one truly cares about the people around them. 

The city is built on circles and pyramids, music and stories woven into the very streets they walk on. They are brave and strong, using dance to express the things that words can not. It has made such developments over the centuries without the aid of magic or playing off other nations. Each development is entirely unique to them.


currently all humans, though in the past the Hidden city was built to aid the avians. All the people live in small, blocky, limestone houses stacked in pyramid like manor. The higher up the pyramid, the better your status, unless you are placed along the bottom layer, where all the Stedolkin Warriors are placed.


There is one leader that all the people refer to as the Great Mother, or just Mother when speaking to her directly. This role is passed on from mother to daughter and the current dynasty is over 2000 years old supposedly, stretching back before the great forgetting. She is the judge, the counselor, the caretaker of everyone in the Hidden city. She appoints followers to work under her, usually orphans or outcasts, to help in her duties. These men and women are then considered her children and she is responsible for their well being in the long run.


The City is completely cut off from the rest of the civilized world by The Impassable North. They still must defend against wild creatures but not against any organized enemies. They do have a sophisticated set of warriors called the Stedolkin Warriors who are trained in hunting and gathering.

Industry & Trade

The Hidden City is incredibly self sufficient, never having interacted with anything.


The Stedolkin have developed many advanced technologies in their early like such as aqueducts, indoor plumping, elevators and other advancements unseen by anyone else.


Everything is built on top of everything else in blocky, triangular fashion. Almost all the walls are made of a singular slab of either line stone or granite, carved and decorated over time after construction. Most buildings are single story with one main room and possibly other side rooms for cooking and cleaning, though the entire family sleep together in the main area. Engraved in the walls are Stories written in narrative Mystic, each tale spiraling out from the center and bumping into others. Large aqueducts run on the edges of the tear of civilization, connected by small floating rivers and waterfalls between the different spires. the water is then pumped to the top of each pyramid to flow down to the bottom.
Founding Date
Before the Great Forgetting
16 million
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under


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