Golden Moon Lily

Moon lilies, while already powerful, don’t hold a candle to The Golden Moon Lilly. Forged by the first Abyss on their rare visits to the surface. The gold used to create it was given by the dwarves as a gift of peace. They mined it from beneath the The Ridge, leaving it out under the moon for 2 weeks before delivering it to the Lunar pools where the Abyss waited. The gold was then softened in the dying embers of fires brought from the underworld and sculpted into the glorious and powerful artefact it is today. This Process imbued the Lily with incredible power, tying it to a magical focal point: The Lunar pools. Whoever posses the Golden lily will be able to bend reality to his own dreams unconsciously.
At first, the gift was well-received, used to help growing nations by providing for food or land, but soon the greed of humanity began to take hold, twisting the pure power of the Lily to do dark and selfish things. Appalled, the Abyss took the Lily back, storing it in the depths of the Lunar pools till someone worthy retrieves it

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Powered by old Magik, from before The Forgetting, the Lily can create anything the heart desires seemingly without a price. however, once the lily is no longer in your possession, its gifts turn sour, wasting out of existence until there is nothing left of the joy it once brought.


The Golden Moon lily was one of the few gifts given to the surface, only to be misused and ruined. It was then revoked, hidden at the depths of the Lunar pools.
Item type
Only one in existence.


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