Golden Feather

Golden feathers are, understandably, quite coveted. Whether they're from Avians or normal birds, truely Golden feathers are extremely rare and, by extention, very valuable.   Now, unlike White Avian Feathers, Golden Feathers don't have any underlying magical properties to make them valuable, just their pretty sheen and rarity. They are a staple piece. Something to gloat about and adorn headdresses and fancy entrees.  

Where to Find Them

Avian Wings

In the past, before the Avians would occasionally have some on their wings. before relations turned south, aquireing a Golden Feather would be as simple as asking for one if you saw one. Most Avians would have graciously given one or two from their last molt.

Painted Feathers

Now, most people are content to just paint a brown feather gold, or have someone else paint them. but these are undenyably fakes, and they lack a certain lightness that a real, untouched Golden Feather has.

Golden-Tipped Seagulls

Currently, the Golden-Tipped Seagull is the only place to get a real, fresh golden feather. unfortunatly, the Golden-Tipped Seagul is the least likely of all the known birds to give a feather up willingly, especailly to anyone with grabby, biteable hands. typically, people have to settle with whatever feathers fall off the stupid bird after it flies away, nursing their wounds in the process.

Religeous Significance

To the Pyuem, Golden Feathers have a different, divine significance. Seeing as the vast majority of golden Feathers comes from their sacred bird, they use these feathers in many of their religeous practices and rituals, from feather burning to cleans an area to intricate head dresses   there are some that belive to use this feather in an arrows fletching, or to write with it as a a quill in a note of retrobution and declaration of war, will summon Pyue to their side, enticing her aid in these endevors if she finds them favorable. There is little evidence of this happening, but, from a quiet deity, coninicdence and belief is often enough for her followers.

10-20 gp
bitter and stringy
Spun Gold
Common State
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