Glass Oasis

They say the waters glitter like a thousand diamonds in sun, cool and clean, waitin. Ay, the Glass Oasis would be a sight if anyone could bleedin find it. Not sure if they'd want to leave though, not with the rest of the Groves the way they are.
— A weary traveler

For centuries people have spoken about a lost oasis, a resting place swallowed by the desert fires. Some say it was the playgroud of Izma, her stories and images refracting on the water and glass, but others claim it was stolen by Totu when he was exiled by Vekeko for his crimes. Either way, no one has seen the oasis in years. People still search, driving out into the unknown hoping to find its waters, or at least a trace of its existance, but none is ever unearthed in the shifting sands.


The oasis itself is enchanting, a similar reflection of the Waw Forest or Glass Cliffs. Pillars of rough, natural glass rising from the sand, bound together by rogue, thick vines from the Gin Daisy supported by small sandstone outcroppings. This glass and vine wall surounds the entirety of the oasis itself wonven together so tightly over the years only a miniscule amount of sand can squeeze its way through the cracks anymore, and even then, molten glass is still working slowly to plug those holes.


Once inside the glass walls, the first thing you would notice is the temperature slowly slipping down, cooled by the water and intense shade. Slow and steady ripples dance over the surface, and when the sun hits it at noon, it reflects rainbows all over the area, casting it in a kalidescopic dance if only for a moment. Soft, pale, white sand rests on its edges, slipping under thick leaves and branches where all sorts of creatures have made their home.

The water itself is not all that deep, but it is fed by an underground spring, rumored to connect directly to the Lunar pools if the water clarity and color is anything to go by. Its deep blue is absolutly stunning, with touches of green and teal along the shore, just where its deep enough to get your feet wet.


Most plants that grow here are tropical. Palm trees, thick vines, bananas occasionally, along with many Gin Daisy vines and, if you come at the right time, a Harley Rose or two nestled in the back.

living in the water are many breeds of lichen and algea, living along the bottom in peace, somehow no affecting the clearity of the water in any way. Near the banks, some Anipier grows, though only in the shade.


Many differnt types of lizards and snakes have made their home here, along with the occasional Glass Wyvern, named for its coloring.

In the water its self is a tiny little untouched ecosystem of tadpoles, frogs, minows, and small fish that all live in harmoney, feeding off of the algea and lichen.
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The reason no one has ever been able to find this place is over the years the Oasis has slowly sunk under the mountains of snad, piling up against its natural walls till only at the very top is there a way in. From the outside it looks much like any other dune, if a bit isolated from the rest and possibly more round, with molten glass streaming down its sides, occasionally hardening into shards in the shade.

Only on the very peak of this dune can the oasis be seen through the small hole still in the top where the sand spills inside. Soon, this too may close if the sand is melted into glass, just like it did while creating the walls.


The only way any would ever believe this places was the home of Totu is if he stole it long ago, hiding it from the world to keep Vekeko from taking it back. No one would ever even entertain the idea he made this place himself with the help of Izma and Tob, the only deities to not absolutly dispise him, so he would have somewhere to hide, somewhere to call his own.

At some point, it doesn't matter who created it anymore since no one can find it. Most people have written it off as a local legend, something to give hope to weary travelers trying to cross the Groves. Some even laugh and say the Sphinxi must live there if it exists, since neither have ever been seen this far north before in ages.


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28 Dec, 2020 18:37

This place sounds absolutely stunning, man I wish I could pay it a visit. Guess I'll have to become an adventurer and make it my life mission to find it!

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Make sure to bring water. Lots of water! I'm glad you like it.

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You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.