Fyre Lantern

Arguably the most common house hold item in Tubl as well as the main use of Fyre. These lanterns flicker with a bright, warm glow and illuminate the cities and towns of the west.

Most Fyre Lanterns are comprised of 2 main parts: The skeleton and the Fyre.


The skeleton of the lantern is made from 6 panes of thick glass, Iron panels and shafts, and some wood for the handle. It's constructed in a hexagonal shape at the base, much like normal lanterns, with an Iron frame from each corner, stretching up and bending till it reaches a point at the top. Set in the frame are the glass panes, welded in place with a tar-like substance that is incredibly heat resistant. At the top, a wooden circled is carved and attached, sometimes with engravings and designs, other times just left smooth.


The Fyre is the simple aspect of the lantern. Once the skeleton is crafted, the Fyre is drizzled in by an open panel in the top and sealed off, creating a never dying light source.

This is just the general, most common form of the lantern, but there are all sorts of sub designs and forms that can be made, found, and bought. They are rather durrable, able to withstand the harshness of weather patterns and constant heat being generated. Due to the thick glass paneling, there is also a high chance it will survive being dropped or a fall off a table, though not mch higher.
Item type
Fairly common
~600 mg
8in x 14in
Base Price
3 gp


The only real drawback from using these lanterns is the risk of it breaking. If the lantern breaks there is little to contain the Fyre from spreading and destroying a neighborhood, possibly even an entire city.


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4 Jan, 2021 00:03

These sound really beautiful - I would love one in my house! :)

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Just be careful not to knock them over!

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