Fyre Bush

Living flames dancing over black, scrawny branches, always burning instensly, flickering in the breathy wind but never going out. These bushes never go out. Not when blown on, not when dowsed in water, not when deprived of air. It just continues to burn steadily, slowly consuming everything in its path.

The Moon River seems to be the only thing that can contain it in any way, keeping growth of this bush localized to the Fire Planes, mainly in the Pach Groves though some in the south as well.


Because it never goes out, this flame is used all over, mainly in lantern and torches. This often replaces the need for other light and heat generating products because it is incrediably cheap and easy to manyfacture. There was some trouble at figuring out ways to contain the Fyre since it burned quickly through all types of wood and stone was too heavy. Eventually most common manyfacturing companies settled on some kind of iron for the base with a wool or leather handle.

Some Blacksmiths tried to use it in their forges, believing it a good, cheaper replacement for coal, but soon it became clear this would not work. Fyre doesn't burn at nearly the needed tempertaures for true smithwork, nor is it as managable. Instead, many use fyre to get fires started before suplementing it with wood and coal.
Average Heat
1000 degrees farenheit
Average Height
.5-1 ft
Geographic Distribution

The Controversy

While Fyre is cheap and easy to get in the west, it has slowly been pushed back in favour of Sym and other technologies being developed in the East, specifically Ealdora. This has sparked and ongoing yet low level debate over which one is better. While it has not casue too much decline in actual prices, many people have developed strong feelings over which products they use, even if it means paying slightly more.


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