"I've been with this flock for 15 years, there isn't a way in the 4th Shudake I'm going to abandon those idiots."

Flocks are an Avians family, their backbone, their strength, their support in life. From the moment they are assigned at 12 years old, they do everything together. Eat, train, sleep, play. They live together, the break the rules together, to do greate things together.

After 6 years of training the flock is promoted to active status, declaring them ready to serve out in the world.



Each flock in comprised of 15 trainees. Typically this number lowers to 13, sometimes even 12 as a young Avian decides to go a different way in life. It is rare to find a flock with their original 15 members or less than 10 memebers on Promotion day.


All Flocks are given proper Flight Armor, built specifically for their wing type with their flock number engraved on the shoulder as well as down the side. This armor is light weight and stained a neutral color that easily blends in with nature as well as the sky. Most have a over suit as well that can roll up and fit in a satchel that is waterproof, coated in a thermal lining, and well camofloged. This outer suit is paired with a tight face mask that fovers the features and a deep cowl that hides the hair and eyes.

Weapons and tools

All Flocks are assigned 3 weapons, A large recurve bow and 24 freshly fletched arrows, and 2 daggers that fit into a specially made halter strapped to the leg next to their quiver. These ensure long distance battle capabilities and make provision for if they ever find themselves grounded. One dagger is serrated, perfect for sawing through both bone and wood while the other is slim and balanced for throwing and carving.

In addition to their weapons, A flock always has materials for building camp, 2 well stocked med kits, and a journal of some sort to log discoveries, actions, and reports durring their missions.


Each Flock is lead by their Dode, or comander, which is chosen at promotion day by the Mother and the flock. Once in command, each flock decides their own organizational structure. Some opt for strict and regimented, others for loose controle and debate. No matter what, each flock has one Idrup or medic tasked with making sure none of the Wingga die: Not an easy task.
Air Force
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Ranks & Titles


Flocks began renown all over the country in 498 when they first began fighting back against The Frozen Empire openly, liberating small cities and town on the south-east border. Slowly they began moving north-west, liberating much more territory over the years, sticking themselved in danger to protect everyone else.

Around 530, the first hints of true trouble began with rumors. Flocks began dissappearing entirly, completely disappearing, replaced with the sick fact avian wings hold great magic.

By 550 more than half of all deployed Flocks never returned with no warning. Flocks became rare to find, struggling to survive in a world that wanted them dead and torn apart. Any flock that returned to the city was celebrated gratly, almost daming the day they must leave again.

Within 10 years, no more flocks returned to base, at least not whole. The last flock to check in was Flock 1372, but no one ever heard of them again.


Flocks are commanded by and loyal only to Aria and her servants. This loyalty extends to the Stedolkin Warriors in the Hidden city.


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