Flock 1372

Flock 1372 was one of the last flocks to be deployed on active, advancing missions. It is also the longest lasting Flock, the final 3 Wingga becoming known as The Last Avians.   These Avians were some of the most effective out of all known Flocks during the war, liberating around one Quarter of Empire territory with the help of small Resistance groups near the border. Much of the southern territory can attribute their freedom to Flock 1372.   There were 14 members on Promotion day, though it first started out with 15, One left to become a tailor in the City. These 14 Avians stood together through everything, more tightly knit than any family.  


The Flock first started training in 551, working steadily towards their Promotion Day in 557. The ceremony went well, full of excitement, with only one drop out.   Their first deployment was on a simple scouting mission to the south, checking out a small occupied town on the edge of the Empire called Burdendy. Pushing back the forces there was easier than expected, not being as deeply entrenched in the town as in other places.
Founding Date
Military, Air Force Squadron
Formation Type
Training Level
Veterancy Level
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