Fire genasi

Much of the west is full of... interesting characters. at the heart of the fire planes you've got the flamboyant teiflings, in the nuoj sparking fairies and tabaxi, and in the north? where fires burn hotter than the sun and never seem to go out? where sand melts into rivers of glass? where people literally die due to the heat and the heat alone? that's where you can find the Fire Genasi.   Genasi with red scortched skin that step through the flames with an easy grin. Genasi who's eyes light up and whose arms burn when ignighted with anger. Genasi who laugh and spark and burn with delight in the noon-day desert sun, completely unbothered.   Fire Genasi, man. Crazy sons of Sandworms.
  Out of all the Genasi, Fire Genasi are the most impulsive, that's for sure. But they are also the most passionate and excitable. Imagine them like the cool older sibling with a good sense of responibilty but a wilde streak too. They mesh will with the daredevils of the world right along witht eh craftsmen and mothers.  


At their very beginning, these genasi crawled out of burning hearts and were spat out of volcanic rock. Fire and magma is literally written in their dna, effecting every aspect of them, from their physicality to a hot-headed anger and tongue.   Every part mof them is volitile in some way. their blood literally boils in their veins, their muscles leak magma and ash, they exude literal flames. This must be taken into acount when interaction and, heven forbid, examining a fire genasi.


Thankfully, they don't seem to devite too far from the typical genasi build. They are humanoid in contruction, ranging from 5'5" to 6' on average and on the sturdier side in terms of build.

Beneath the skin

Fire genasi do bleed, but not only blood. Hiding just under the skin is a wall of magma and chared flesh, like pircing through the layers or volcanic ash and finding lava. When excised, their skin can crack and char, releacing an etherial glow as their veins litterally burn their way out of their body.   This can cause some health issues later in life if it's a common occurance, but for themost part the body is tolarent of this strain.

Their Hair

Probbaly the first thing anyone ever sees of a fire genasi is their hair. a flamming inferno contained to their scalps without ever going out. Some of the flames have a physicallity to them that alows them to be manipulated and pinned in hairstyles while others look and behave exactly like a campfire. On the off chance their hair isn't litteral flames, it's smoke and ash in tangible form or lava the drips and splatters down their back.   Whatever anyone thinks, these flames and kin are real. they will hurt anyone else who tries to handle them. Fire genasi happen to be tolarent of the heat when it comes to others, and completely immune when it comes to their own flames.


Due to the magma just waiting under their skin, tattooing a fire genasi often results in complex, glowing designs that crackle and burn under strain. It ends up being personal prefrence whether this end result is something they want or if looking for an alternative route for decoration is needed.
They aren't stocky or rotund, but they aren't going to be blown away by a gust of wind either.   Males and Females tend to be similar in build. Females have a slightly softer edge to their curves, but without looking hard, spotting that could be hard.  

Facial Features

On average, they tend to have strong yet vaguely diminished features. Round facial structures with a srtong chin or hard jaw line that provide some edge are very common, as are dimonds and heart shaped faces.   Their eyes are typically in line with their nose bridge and set low on the face, with lower cheekbones and straight, solid noses. Thick, dark eyebrows with defined arches are common, along with fuller lips. Eye colors tend to stay in the reds and yellows with dark sclera. This really emphasises the glowing aspect. If a child is born with a white sclera they often change it cosmetically.


Their color pallet tents to stay towards the warm reds, browns, oranges, and yellows. their skin is a warm color, pigmented similarly to humanoids but in a different color, and their hair and eyes stay the colors of heat.   occasionally, you'll find a deep blue accent color that naturally occures at their roots or ends in mimikry of a fires hottest stance. however, this is not healthy. it's a sign of an internal temperature discrepency and can lead to worse health issues.


Fire genasi do have all the common senses such as sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, all in equal relation to each other. During the last Ealdorian Census, it was tested that they perform on average in comparison to the rest of sapient species save for the Beast Kind who always have an advantage.

Dietary Needs

Stages of Life


When a they are born, Fire genasi are litterally covered in flames. Many mothers remark that holding their child is like trying to hold writhing half-cooled magma that throws fire. How they know what writhing half-cooled magma feels like was not explained, but it get the point across of what a Baby Fire Genasi is like. During this stage, they are treated as hazards and the whole family puts warnings up Till the child is grown.


When they get around 2 years old, those terribly powerful and reactive abilities fade away. The magma and fires harden into flesh and bone, cooling into a reasonable temperature. At this point, they behave like typical toddlers, running around and getting into delightful trouble while figureing out how to be a person. However, despite all the terroizing, parents still refer to this age as the "terrific twos" since at least they don't have magic now.


From ages 3-18, fire genasi progress and develope intandem to a prepubecent human child. Just...elongated. They have no abilities, nor any access to magic of their own. Durring this time, their brains are at peak elasticity, meaning they can learn and remember information much easier than an adult.


Genasi puberty involves a lot more than just the body developing into maturity. Once they turn 18, a Genasi gets their inherent natural abilities back. For a Fire Genasi, this often means an explosion. for the next 2 years, these "teens" focus on figureing out how to control their new abilities and bodily reactions.


At 20, the Genasi are considered full adults and finished with their developement and ready to go out into the world. they are now allowed to drink, have legal sex, and freely use their abilities without worry of hurting people around them.


Around 80 years of age, a fire genasi begins to degrade physically in their old age. at first, this looks like an uncreep of intense physical reactions. hotter flames, wild anger, possibly more lava seeping form dried skin cracks. then, their internal heat will cool and fires wioll fade out, leaving creaking ones and chared, loose flesh in it's wake. after this, the genasi will only live at max another 5 years.

Averages and Statistics

All data is in accordance with the First and Last Total Continental Census of 1495 organized by the Ealdorians.

Average Physique

Fire genasi tested well in sprints, speed, and bouts of strength. They have a good amount of natural dexterity and ajility. Endurance happened to be their lowest overall score, though.   They are built with a toned, average physique. They aren't lithe or built ot be particularly thin, but not bulky either.

Average Intelligence

They performed well in the intelligence tests, scoring either average or above average depending on schooling. Logic problems tended to be their strongest while memorization scored the lowest. data showed they tend to do better in fast problems, while patience and persistence grated agains their natural quick instincts.

Birth Rates

Death Rates

Geographic Distrobution

As a whole, Fire Genasi are found in the West. more than that, they tend to keep to the central and southern west. They gravitate towards dry, hot areas, like the fire planes and nuoj desert or Tadpole island. the largest genasi population is in the Pach Groves. the next largest is down south in the ObÅ“ Delta, then Certain Krekkonian cities near the center of the desert.   There are very few Fire Genasi in the east, but there is a small community in Malgorn and scattered across Ealdorian cities.


Naming Traditions

Gender Identity

Beauty Ideals

Relationship Ideals



Dress Code

Cultural Heritage

Customs and traditions

Myths and legends

Interspecies Relations


Genetic Ancestor(s)
110 years
Reproductive Compatability


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