A fighter is a slave who is given over to Ring Fighting. They are often Criminals who got the death sentence or Slaves that have a little too much fight in them or on their death bed. Fighters are used for public entertainment, much like sports and boxing but will more blood and gore. Rich men and women can sponsor a promising fighter and when they win the sponsor gets the money. the better the fight, the more money is earned. This has turned the entire practice into more of a game than a slaughtering hole. Low-level fights are to the death and as such, fighters don't make many friends. If a fighter wins enough times or if they catch the eye of a sponsor they are moved up to the upper levels where there is more money involved and the fights are point-based and don't have to end in death.


Career Progression

Movement up from the lower level to the upper levels.

Other Benefits

when you get into the upper levels of the fights, fighters can gain much fame and recognition.



Fighters serve a wonderful way to either "rehabilitate" criminals or get rid of them and any other useless slave. Plus, they serve as entertainment for the public.


This has the lowest level of prolonged human involvement. This is where Tieflings, orcs, Intsem, Tabaxi, and other beast-like creatures are put due to their claws and inherent skill with ripping other things apart.
Forced Labour
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Never Stop Fighting
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