Along the edges of Pangella, North, west, east, and many people believe south as well, lurking just beyoung the Lata Line, is Eden.

The dark forest lingers on the edges of society, streaching indefinatly off into the unknown, getting darker and deeper the further you go, leaving no hope of returning home. Eden is the end, the infitite abyss of death and darkness, the home of monters.

There were legends of a time when Eden wasn't there, where the world just...ended. Stopping abruptly, a jagged cliff peering out over the void. Then one day, there it was. An endless, old forest where nothing once was. People dove right in, exploring and delving deeper and deeper into its vast expanse, tripping over large roots and climbing up the gigantic trees to find a veiw, to see something different. But no matter which way you looked, all there was was trees. Forever.

That evening those brave first explorers discovered the price of their discovery.

Those who enter Eden are never allowed to leave.


At first, this forest looks no different from any other common forest, like the Botawth forest or Intalluu. However, the further you go, the stranger things get. You would first notice how Quiet the forest is. Not a whisper, not a creak, Not even the gentle rustle of the breeze flitting through the tress. Just and incrediable, overwhelming silence.

As you continue on, the trees get bigger, towering over you in strange, contorted shapes. Roots arc from the ground, coated in moss and fungus, twisting and turning over the dry earth.

When the sun sets, you will realize you are not alone. The shadows shift, the darkness gets deeper, the air colder. As far as anyone knows, no one has ever survived a night in Eden.

Localized Phenomena

As I said before, once you enter Eden, you are never allowed to leave, but there is more too it than that. You are completely cut off from the world. The moment you step across a Lata Line, everything goes silent. Darkness passes over you. If you leave and loose sight of that line, it will disapear all together, leave you utterly alone with the trees.

The deeper you go, the bigger things get, much like an ocean of sorts. The deeper it is, the more conveluted and horrifying.

Some people have theorized that Eden is actually another section of the Fith Shudake, while others think it is an entrance to hell. One Theory in the East is that is the resting place of Fauna, the Elemental of Earth and Growth. However, since nothing and no one can be sent in with any hope of getting them back out, nothing can be confirmed. One can only sit outside and wonder.
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Over the years, many people have devoted their entire lives to attempting to understand Eden. No attempt has provided anything fruitful. One scientist spent millions of gold, trying to find a way to bring her father back from there after he accidently wandered in after a drunken stroll. While her efforts were mostly in vain, most nations with a border on Eden began patroling the Lata Line, putting up watches, and creating barriar between the general public and its dangers. While this is not a fool proof system, it does work in the long run.

Shadow Beasts

Dispite its silence, people know somthing lives in Eden. When you are alone, shadows move as something darts just behind the tree line, watching you. People feel its eyes on them durring daily activities, waiting. Some think it is curious, but most feel there is much more of a malicious edge to the gaze.

Then there are the screams.

Ocasionally, on the darkest nights when the moon is no longer in the sky, Eden will begin shreiking. Horrible, agonizing screams that echo from the forest that continue on till dawn. hoever, only those who have lost someone to Eden can hear them, making many believe they are hearing their loved ones die, over and over again.


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16 Dec, 2020 21:28

Nice creepy forest. I like the similitude with the ocean, very effective.

16 Dec, 2020 21:57

Thank you!

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
Corvo Branco
Corvo Branco
17 Dec, 2020 02:58

The unknown beyond the world, what is there where our senses don't reach. Beyond the borders of unwritten maps. It do evokes the stories about societies where banishment was a sentence equivalent to death. Perhaps worse.   Reminds me a world I tried. Like yours it had monsters beyond the borders of human lands, but those monsters would come inside from time to time, walking and killing. Those who managed to kill the monsters instead of being killed by them would gain super-human characteristics but loose a bit of their self control. Far from the borders was the civilization, protected by common human armies strong in numbers, capable to explore weakness in those human monster hunters if necessary, but very weak against the monsters from beyond the map. As we walked closer to the boards monster hunters started appear, at first with very small powers and tactics of combat in small unities, but very near to the border they are might beasts that fight alone; and get by constantly one step from loosing their minds and becoming monsters themselves.   Didn't worked for me, that structure, for some reason. Is a tricky thing to manifest the unknown in a way it interacts with the daily lives of likable characters, and shape them in meaningful ways, without being reduced by the familiarity.   I'm curious to see how your world will deal with this wild borders.

17 Dec, 2020 07:14

Wow. First of all, that sounds fascinating. Secondly, I think this will go slightly different since they are completely separate. To interact with one side means to lose contact with the other. And, like most horrible things, it does get reduced by familiarity from time to time. People forget how dangerous it is and attempt to try something. That's when things go wrong. People die or disappear and the fear starts anew.

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.