Danielle Asle

Danielle Asle

She was a young, Avian Wingga from Flock 1372 with no real outstanding divine purpose. But she did devote her life to protecting those she could and helping those she couldn't. even when darkness seemed to drown everything else out. She lived, Fought, and died for the sake of others, so they could live in a better world, one where the sun could shine gold and warm down on them.  

Early Life

Like most other Avians she grew up in the Hidden city in a loving community. There was little to distinguish her from the rest. She was just as rambunctious, just as wild, just as happy. She had her whole future ahead of her bathed in golden light. On her 12th birthday she was first introduced to her Flock, including Koa Adair, Maliha Solace, and Blake Dagon. As customary, they began to train and learn together, eventually moving into their own building in the center of the community to build relationships and connections. By the time they came to promotion day, the Flock behaved more like a family than a group of friends, ready to face the world with each other at their sides.  

Love and Tradgedy

Over the years she grew close to Blake Dagon, eventually realizing she loved him. Within 2 years of their promotion, they turned to the Inrutha for permission to join their hearts in marriage. With no objections, she agreed. They were wed at dawn, with the sun streaming in behind them, painting the white floors gold and pink.   4 months later their lives were made complete with the news of her pregnancy. The whole Flock celebrated with them, already planning their leave months in advance. Every moment was bathed in a golden hue, lighting the way.   But lights can be extinguished.   3 weeks before the couple were scheduled to leave, Blake was sent out on a scouting mission with 2 other flock mates. He promised to be back by dusk, catching the last of the sun's rays home. But when darkness fell he didn't return. Nor when the sun rose once again. A week later his body was found, wings sawed off at the base, the rest mutilated savagely. [I]Avian Hunts The others whispered, but all she could hear was the shattering of her entire world, and the bitter, bitter cold. Over the next few months, more and more Avians began disappearing, especially the young ones. She stayed away, for the sake of her unborn child and by order of her Dode, Maliha Solace.  

Her Son

Her son, Asher was born a month later, straight into the height of the Avian Hunts. In a fit of fear and protective instincts, Danielle decided it was too dangerous for him to live with her, or even stay anywhere where he could take to the skies. As much as it pained her, she took her son to the darkness, deep into The Underground where people had never even heard of an Avian. There she left him in the care of a young nurse, promising to one day return when it was safe for him.  

Dedication to her work

She took the loss of her husband and son hard, throwing herself into her work with brutal ferocity, tearing through the Ice Queen's soldiers with no regrets. Her and her flock slowly began pushing back the south-western front of The Frozen Empire. They extracted information, watched over battlegrounds, worked with The Resistance to slowly chip away at northern power, taking at least a quarter of the Empire's land, liberating thousands between 565 and 576. But success never comes without losses. More and more of her flock fell in battle or snatched up in the night by hunters till only 4 remained. In their diminished numbers, the Flock was called back to the Hidden city to regroup.  

New friends and Old Enemies

The journey back was long and hard, filled with a thick fog and harsh wings, blowing ice into their faces, tearing the flesh from their cheeks, burning, but they flew on. Long forgotten outposts and lone hunters still chased them, forcing them into confrontation the closer they got to home, to safety. One dark night as they struggled to fly in formation, a stray arrow pierced Danielle in the wing. She fell with a cry, the wind drowning out the screams of her Flock mates. Every avian knows a grounded bird is a dead bird. She scrambled to find cover from the rain and potential enemies, hastily bandaging her wing as best she could, before slowly working her way south to safe ground.   The trek was long and arduous, each step filled with burning pain radiating from her wing. Hungar clawed at her stomach, though fear kept any thought of a real meal from her mind. You never knew what might be waiting just around the corner. Her minuscule hope of survival began slipping through her fingers.   Early one morning, when her guard slipped down in exhaustion and pain, she was found. A ragtag group of people of all kinds found her, claiming to be part of the Resistance. They patched up her wing, cleaning out the infection that had festered, and gave her food. While her suspicions were not erased, they were eased. their leader, Jillian Ambroious, invited her along as they traveled west, at least until her wing healed and she could make it back to where ever she came from. Danielle hesitantly agreed.   She helped them find their way, sharing bits and pieces of the information she learned on her missions to aid in their quest. She soon learned that this group may or may not be the heart of the Resistance, working to dethrone the Ice Queen and destroy the Frozen Empire once and for all. They reminded her of her flock: Happy, skilled, more of a family than any blood could be.   One member really reached out to her, Sabor Lerone. He kept her in the revelry, pulling her into their family till she could laugh and joke as well, slowly healing the ache in her soul. Eventually, she decided to stay with them, the hope of finding her flock once again completely drained. She spent much of her time with Sabor, helping him heal as much as he helped the ache fade. He told her of his missing sister, and she remembered her son.   She helped them battle their way north, proving invaluable to their group with her advanced knowledge and areal skills. With her help, they ventured onward, taking out major outposts, larger than any she and her flock had ever attempted.


In one of their skirmishes with the Ice Queens forces near the castle, things were going well. They were winning, holding off the flood of soldiers so a select few to slip inside the palace and find the Queen. It was her job to watch from above and make sure things didn't get too bad and that her friends made it out, sniping off the soldiers from above. Off to the side, a spearhead glinted in the sun, gold against the stone walls aiming straight at Sabor's exposed back. Without time to warn him, she did the only thing she could do. Step in front of it. The Spear sunk into her abdomen with a sickening crunch, though she felt very little pain. Vaguely she heard someone screaming her name and a bitter taste spilled over her tongue. Sabor surged forward, catching her as she fell to the floor with a gurgling cry.  
"No, no, no, no, no!" he cried, sliding under to support her head as she leaned on him, bright red blood dripping from the corner of her mouth. His hands shook as he moved to press on the wound, flinching away when she gasped in pain, face dangerously pale. The others stood quietly around them, keeping any other soldiers at bay, knowing there was nothing left to do as Sabor cried over her.   "Shh, Sabor it's ok..." She rasped, weakly reaching for his hand. He shook his head, tears spilling as he gripped it as if his life depended on it while hers hung in the balance. More blood pooled around his knees, dark and vibrant against the ice, mocking him with its warmth.   "But what about your son, Danielle, you need to find your son. You need to be ok." He wasn't sure if he was saying it to help her or to help himself, but the small crack in his voice didn't help either of them. Hot tears splashed into the ground beside her as she smiled at him, squeezing his hand lightly.   "My son is gone. I've played my-" A wet cough racked through her frame, tearing through her lungs and spilling out more blood, and he dragged his fingers through her hair lightly, "... done what I can. You.." She paused again to catch her breath, her eyes fluttering shut they back open again, "go save your sister, save them all..." She whispered, breath hitching every now and then, and Sabor only had the strength to nod and squeeze her hand. She blinked, gaze unfocused. "The world needs you Sabor." She whispered, shaking her head as if to continue but was stopped by another horrible wet cough. Pain flashed over her features, growing out anything else she might have said.   "But I need you." He whispered back, leaning down to press his forehead against her own. She shook her head again, puller her gaze to focus on his.   "No, you don't, you-" Her body seized suddenly, and her eyes when blank, breath catching in her throat before falling limp in his lap.   The clouds parted briefly, letting the sun bath the pair in gold one last time.


Her sacrifice meant Sabor and Jillian could go on to destroy the Empire and shut down each and every color camp set up by the queen, Saving countless lives. The entire victory can be attributed to her and her work, both with her Flock and with the Rebellion, yet her name is not widely known. In a last-ditch effort by the queen to undermine the rebellion, she had her men burn all their records, especially those about avians. Any public mention of her name was erased, her sacrifice and significance disappearing in ash and smoke.   Those that remember her hold her name in honor, remembering all she did for the world with as much respect as they can. In select groups, where her name has been passed down as legend and myth, the day of her death is of great importance, especially in the cities she and her Flock liberated.


Danielle Asle


Towards Blake Dagon

Blake Dagon


Towards Danielle Asle

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Wingga in Flock 1372
539 577 38 years old
Circumstances of Death
died durring the battle in sabors arms.
Blake Dagon (spouse)
Wavy, thick brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light pale
Aligned Organization


Unlike most other Avians, Danielle has incredibly light wings, despite their size. Near the bone, her feathers are pale cream with gold speckles, but the further down, the more bleached they get until her pinons which are snow white and pure, just like her under feathers. This has caused incredible trouble for her as there are unprecedented rumors about White Avian Feathers, making her more of a tarted for hunters.


Danielle is a typical northern Avian with large wings and deeply tanned skin. on average, she stuck to loose, bright clothing to offset the white of her wings and demonstrate her bright personality even when dimmed with anguish and suffering.

Many of her Flock have told her to cut her hair in her later years, declaring it a hindrance to flight and Avian life, though she still keeps it, fondly remembering the nights where Blake would run his fingers through it and point out the many, shifting constellations.


At a first glance, she was nothing special. She wasn't overly talented, or incredibly smart. She couldn't outwit her flock mates, nor could she perform outstanding and incredible areal tricks. But she was kind. And fiercely loyal. When it came to a fight, she would stick by you even if it was sure you would lose.   Even when she was little, she was always looking for the next big adventure, the next beast to slay, the next bad guy to hunt, even if it was too big or too dangerous for her to go alone. So she relied heavily on her friends, pulling them along on adventures and dreams to save the world.   Her kindness stretched to those beasts she hunted, however, always reaching out a forgiving hand before slashing down with her sword.

Character Portrait image: by avalon through heroforge


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You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.