Since the beginning of Mapkeep, people have been slowly working to build a complete, working, living map of the outside world that accurately reflects what is going on, like forest growth and wars. There are the Cartographers, who bring the information back. There are the Maintainers, who keep the map up to date with movents and cycles, and they make sure nothing is in disrepair. Then, finally, there are the Crafters, the most desired job in Mapkeep.

The crafters create the pieces for The Map, painstakingly making them as real as possible based on the dimentions brought back by the Cartographers and magically connecting them to the Heart of the Map so they work in relation to everything. In a way, the enitrety of The Map is dedicated to the Crafters and the Crafter alone.


Social Status

All Crafters are given the best out of everything else. Children dream of becoming a crafter one day, practicing their skills on whatever scrap pieces of junk they can pull together. They often have competitions to see whose miniatures are the best and who gets the honor of even applying for the job in the first place, let alone get it.

When a Crafter asks for more time, they are given more time. When a Crafter asks for silence, you could hear a pin drop a moment later. Besides the current leader, Crafters have the most power.


Out of everyone in Mapkeep, Only about 10% of people make it to Crafting. Most Crafters are actually Halflings or extremely gifted Humans since the job calls for careful, delicate, practiced, small hands.
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13 Dec, 2020 23:55

The concept of the map is very interesting! But what is their actual motivation for making the map? Do they need good maps for some reason, or is it just artistic? What do neighbouring people think about their map project, do they also think the map is important, or do they think they are lunatics for devoting their lives to a useless thing?

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14 Dec, 2020 07:13

All wonderful questions that are going to be answered in the next article, "The Map". For now though, most of it has to do with religious reasons intertwined with tradition. As for outside opinion, people generally see its appeal but not to the extent of those in Mapkeep.   Thanks for your questions, you have given me a lot to think about, thats for sure.

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