Celestial Movements

Something that first baffled me about your world earth was that it was a sphere just...floating. In a dark endless void you call space. I thought for sure that was fake, it just didn't make sense to me. You float in a circle around a flaming ball of gas that is also apparently a sun and your sun (the ball of gas) only moves one way, making it easy to navigate. It just didn't make sense to me. As I have visited your Shudake more, the more it has made sense, though I suddenly realized you might have the smae reaction to hearing my Shudake, The Second Shudake, is flat and expands into infinity.

So Im going to try and explain it to you.

The Sun

Our Sun moves in an arc over the sky, dissappearing into the horison for night, just like yours. When it rises, however, is where the differnces start. Our Sun rises from where it set, just a little to the right. Then it arcs over and sets close to where it rose the day previous, just a little more to the right. The next day it rises from where it set and so on and so forth.

A year for us is decided by a full revolution when the Sun rises from the tip of The Tail, which then signals when spring starts. Consequently, our year is 420 days long exactly, and each season is 105 days, changing when the sunrise travels 90 degrees along the horizon.

The Moons

Exactly like our Sun, the Moons rise from where they set. The largest Moon travels opposite of the sun, rising from where it set, opposite of from where it rose. Some people say it follows the same path, just 12 hours behind, while others say it leads. Either way, The moon travels at night while the sun travels durring the day.

Our calendar is based on the Moons cycles, meaning each month is however long it takes the moon to go from new to full and back to new again, which ends up being 35 days. There are, like you, 12 months in a year.
The Lunar Sister, however, moves much faster than either the Sun or the Moon, making 2 full revolutions ever year instead of one. It also rotates twices as fast as the moon, reaching new once again as the moon is full.

The Stars

Unlike you, our stars aren't thousands of millions of miles away. They are hanging just above the earth, twinkling gently. We believe they are made of some kind of diamond or crystal. Ocassionally you can find items encased in them when they fall, like books or enchanted swords, but this is very rare.

Stars are placed in the sky by the Zii to send us messages and guid us as a whole and are subject to change from night to night. Most contelations are tied to prophecies and can be used to tell the future, Like The Warrior which also is used for navigation. There are some constellations that have stayed as long as we can remember, while others have shifted and changed as time passed.


This effect is casued by the slow rotation of the Shudake, centered somewhere around the middle of the Nott Ridge. The stars all rotate around this position as well, shifting direction to keep pace with the Sun and Moon. All but The Warrior follow this pattern and no one is sure why that particular constelations doesn't.
Many people have wondered and asked what happens to the Sun and Moons when they slip below the horison, supposedly landing somewhere in Eden, but since no one can enter there and return these questions are not answered, but there are many myths.


One idea is that the Sun and moons sink into the ground in some way, temporarily getting stuck before breaking free and continuing on it's way, just in a different direction.

Blown out

Another idea is that the sun is blown out every evening and reignited every morning by an ancient Zii, or perhaps even by an Elemental.

This theory fails to take into count the moons and is usually either thrown out or thought of in tandom with another.

Zii Themselves

The oldest theory is that the Sun and Moons are actually old Zii themselves, or perhaps a younger Zii in the Lunar Sisters case.

Supposedly, before The Great Forgetting, they were the only guardians of the Shudake besides the Elementals themselves. Then, when whatever casue The Great Forgetting happened and the Elementals disappeared, the rest of the Zii were created to aid them.


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2 Jan, 2021 17:06

Excellent! I love that this world is flat and also the theories as to where the sun goes after it sets. I think a lot of adventures could be made from seeing a falling star. If I'm understanding correctly does Eden surround the world, so a person wouldn't fall off the edge but rather be trapped inside Eden if they make it to the edge of the world?

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2 Jan, 2021 21:16

You got it, both on the Adventure bit and Eden bit. Getting trapped inside Eden is no picnic though so people have learned to stay were they are. Mostly. I'm glad you liked it!

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