Cave of Mirrors

Calling it one cave is a misnomer when in fact it is a series of caves, all glittering and sparkling from refracted light. These caves lie under the Nuoj Desert, more specifically the Waw Forest. It is lined with living Waw Crystal, humming and glittering with swirling colors and unsung songs. These caves are made entirely of the roots of the Waw Forest. Sound in these caves is amplified and refracted by the crystals.


The caves are not large, nor could they be considered cavernous in any way. They are small caves, though they give the impression of size through the bright, Glimmering crystal. There are an undetermined amount of caves seeing as no one has ever returned from exploring their deep expanses. It is incredibly easy to get lost in these caves due to their reflective walls and crystal pillars. Inside these caves there is constant noise and constant light, kaleidoscopic rainbows bouncing between the crystal surfaces, splitting and joining to make dazzling visuals. The ever present hum of interlocking notes shifting seamlessly into each other is almost hypnotic in nature. It is not uncommon for people to either have visions or think they do in these caves.

Natural Resources

Waw Crystal is found in its purest form, this is where its found raw and living. Water that lingers in in these caves from the Destiny River takes on strange properties, and drinking enough of it can induce being Song Struck. This liquid is sometimes referred to as "holy" or a "nectar of deities".


There are many myths connecting to these caves, some saying its where Sirens learned how to sing, or its where the Fountain of Youth is hidden, and that is why the rocks glow. these myths and rumors bring all sorts of people to come see these caves, even if exploring them is an idiot thing to do. These are typically the same people that attempt to enter the Waw Forest or Silfys dealers looking to make more out of a "better" material but this crystal is not suited for the process and quickly turns bad or kills the user. Still, some people are idiots.
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