Bottled Magic

Magic is possibly the most powerful yet volatile substances in the 5 realms. On every account, it's always better to leave such things alone, Not pushing it past its limits, careful experimentation. However, on the few occasions this rule was broken, in the aftermath of the devastation, death, and crazed greed came bottled magic. 

Magic in its purest form, pulled from the veins of creatures highly connected to its force. The process is incredibly painful, and more often than not deadly, lasting for days, weeks even, before ending in an agony-filled death. But those that learned the intoxicating power of Magic often are willing to pay that price. Magic is so intuned with reality and life itself that putting it in such a concentrated dose is like bottling unlimited power.

Manufacturing process

Many people tried to extrace magic from others in a stable enough state to not immediately kill everything in the vicinity, and none perfected the art better than Sybil Ulan and her Color Camps.
Item type
Extremely rare, only 5 bottles of known location left. Its suspected that there are more in a secret vault in the northern mountains, placed there by the Ice Queen
30 gr
Base Price
Around 50 million gold
Related Materials


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