Shifting black scales, clicking quietly in the everpresent darkness. Pale sinew and stained bones sticking out at every joint, creaking with every halting step it takes, creeping nearer to it's prey with laubored breaths. Dark teeth glisten in the flickering firelight, dripping bright saliva from its cold mouth, its breath deep and chilling.

This creature was given no name other than the terror it brings, has never been seen, and never leaves a trace when it is gone. They say it lived in the catacomes and caves, feasting on the rotting flesh of the burried, waiting for something fresh to cross its path.

Basic Information


6 thin legs barely supported by thin, visually brital bones yet nothing yet has suceeded in breaking them. Thin, needle-like claws tap lightly on the ground with each step, starting from crystal clear and darkening as it approches its body. Each of its 12 ribs is prominant, looking much like a hollowed out skeleton if not for the intense, labored breathing. A spindly neck connects its round, withered skull with its body.

Facial features

Its jaw taking up almost half of its face. The rest is taken up by little puckered slits that quiver with every slight breath of air, directing the Bøthu towards movement. It's skull is so smooth and dark on top, direct light reflects nicely off of it, letting the creature slink out from the shadows. It has no need to hide, not when it is the top of the food chain. Thounsands of thin teeth fill its eternally gaping maw, perfect for digging into flesh and ripping it away, leiving or dead.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Bøthu has no eyes, and therefor has no sight. It easily makes up for this, however, with its increased hearing and its ablility to sense vibrations in the air. In addition to it's Lack of vision, the Bøthu has a limited sense of smell, meaning it is neither attracted or repeled by them in any way. This can be both useful and disasterous depending on the circumstances.


The Bøthu uses ecolocation to navigate through the catecomes it calls home, making soft clicking noises in its throat and with its nails on the floor. The sound is then rebounded back to its sensors on its head, guiding it. These sensors are so sensitive it can feel when something moves, disturbing the air even in the slightest.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Conservation Status
Not many left, starved out in secret under the ground.
Geographic Distribution


If you ever run into one of these creatures, the chances of which are slim, the best protection is to stay as still as possible. Don't even breath. Don't make a noise either, even if it slowly stalkes closer, tongue flicking in and out. Even if it is so close you can feel its breathy chill on your skin and count the slits on its face, seeing them quiver as they search for you. Don't Move. Don't blink. Don't even breath.

It might wait there for minutes, hours, possibly even days, waiting you out, waiting for you to flinch in the smallest way, signaling life and lunch. Stay strong. Stay still. Live.


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