Blood Binding Stone

"Why..What's that? What are you doing?!"
"This will make you better."
"No-Mother please!"
"Shh darling, soon all those rebellious thoughts will disappear."
  Truth be told, These small slivers of volcanic rock, treated and enchanted to perfection, would solve all the worlds problems. The only problem is they would rid the world of all free thought and personality, making thousands upon thousands of people bend to the will of the maker, the binder.  


Each set is made of two button-sized disks of volcanic, polished rock found along the beaches and cliffs of the Meb Islands. These disks have are attached to a small rod, barely a millimeter in diameter and length with a smaller disk set on the other end. In most cases, the larger disk is engraved with some sort of identifying symbol, like a family crest or name. They are often dark with red and white accents due to the natural rock used in its initial creation. In some cases, like when the moon or lunar sister is being remade or when the spell is in effect, the Disks may glow or shimmer with magic, transferring the power into the nearest veins.


Once the base disk is made, the person who created them enchants them with a Binding Spell. It is let sit for a week in the blood of the Binder before being inserted into the wrists of the one being bound, the little disk hooked inside the Arcane system and around the wrist bone while the larger disk rests on just above the skin, being a visible marker of the binding itself. From that moment on, the bound person is forced to listen and obey every spoken command of the one who bound them. This version of the Binding Spell can not be broken, unlike a traditional spell, since it is connected directly to blood and the Arcane system, Making the accurate application of them incredibly powerful.



At first, Binding technologies and Spells were being developed by The Room, lead by Sybil Ulan and funded directly by the Ice Queen. this research is what led to the developing of the Binding Spell


After the Ruin of The Room in 120, the many groups split off into different projects, some splitting off to work on magic binding, others working to improve the effects. This led a research project in 438 experimenting on slaves and common folk, such as Aura back when she was a child. Unfortunately, the research proved inconclusive the the project was soon shut down for lack of progress and a lack of funding due to the war.


The project was once again picked up by Morgana Hook in 1257 down in the Meb Islands where she soon dicovered the volcanic rock worked exceedingly well with the raw Binding Spell. From there it was only a matter of experimentation before she created the Stones.   Once the process was perfected in a series of trial and error, She taught the process to her top children, ensuring the power and stones would only be used to aid her in her endevours.
Item type
Each set is handmade by a select few specially trained enchanters. So very rare.
~1 gram
1.5 inches (3.8cm) in diameter
Base Price
450 gp


No matter how powerful the caster, enchanter, or binder, These stones can not bind magic itself. The wearer is still able to use any magic or spells unless specifically stated by the Binder. It is generally understood that the Fae Rules of Conduct apply here as well, at least as far as the verbal section goes.  

A dark origin

There are plenty of rumors that during the initial creation process, Morgana Hook used her own children, Warren and Makayla, and young servants as experiments and guinea pigs. Those that are close enough into the family, such as personal guards, household servants, and family friends suspect that these stones are the reason Makayla Murdered her brother in cold blood, though there is no sure way to prove it without risking death themselves.


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Oooo I like it when things get a little dark. The implications alone with this can unsettle anyone. Oof. Well done, and well written, as always. I love the image I have in my head here concerning the stones. Your descriptions are top notch.

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Thank you so much!

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Yeah, gave me chills when i wrote it. Not at all something i would wish on even my worst enemy.

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
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I love this article! I am curious, are they illegal? And I am also curious about the dark origin, I love myths

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I’m sure if any real, uncorrupted government found out about them, yes they would be illegal. As it is, unfortunately, no. Which sucks. But I too love dark origins and im glad you love the article!

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.