Unlike their cousins, the Baalzebul are sneaky and conniving liers who excel in out sitting their opponents. They are smaller, more crafty, and prefer to surround themselves with fools of other nations who are willing to let them close. Most of the Baalzebul migrated over into Krekkon. They have adopted the silky tongue, crystal palate, and sluggish pace of Krekkon and are often ridiculed by the other Tieflings for it.


Major language groups and dialects

Like other Tieflings, they speak infernal and common as well as Krekies.


Beauty Ideals

The Baalzebul prefer cooler skin tones such as blue and lilac purple with blond, short, curly hair and matching horns. straight, white teeth are a common obsession of the people and they flash theirs with much bravado. The smaller, lankier you are, the more desirable, especially if you have a toned body to match its height.

Courtship Ideals

Unlike the Asmdeus, the Baalzebul woo their partner with gifts and flowery words. they often make promises both parties know they won't keep. in some cases, fake promises become a game of who can promise the best thing to the other proving they know them best.

Relationship Ideals

It is common to see the Baalzebul with several people seemingly as their partner but the Baalzebul actually stay single for the majority of their lives. they care greatly for their friends and having a strong friend group or Puthock is considered to the peak of your relational accomplishments.
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