Avians are creatures made by the Elementals in the Image of Aria. They are humanoids with wings and they are often confused with Angels: for good reason. They are bringers of peace and enforcers of judgement and honor. Avians are also peaceful creatures but will fight for what they believe is worthy. They stand up for the underdog and are pillars of the modern world.

Basic Information


Avians are much like humans in their build. Bipedal which two eyes, ears, and arms. Their bones are hollow and their heart rate average is about 80 beats per minute. Thier wings are often bigger than they are, each wing about an arm and a half. Feather colors range from muted browns and beiges to bright reds, greens, blues, and anything in between. Lungs are rather large to accommodate for the thin air while flying. Due to their hollow bones and lean muscle mass, Avians usually weigh about 80-120 lbs.

Ecology and Habitats

While they prefer mountains, Avians often find themselves at home in large open fields as well. as long as there is easy access to the sky and little water to bog their wings down Avians can easily be satisfied.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Avians are predominately herbivores. they are able to eat meat but it comes with many unpleasant side effects such as bloating, diarrhea, headaches, and an aching in the muscles.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

There were rumors that their feathers contained extraordinary healing powers. This was never proven.

Facial characteristics

They take the average looks of their surrounding races. Those who grew up in the north are Fön paler with darker eyes, thin lips, and harsh bone structure. the further south their features grow softer and darker, but their eyes grow more vivid.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

they mainly stayed ner mountain ranges like the Nott Ridge and the northern mountains

Average Intelligence

They were the consultants and caretakers of the other sentient races, sent to guide their progress through time.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

most of their names carry great meaning in both common and Mystic and have a lofty feel.

Major Organizations

The Hidden City was their main headquarters and protected them while the rest of the world hunted them.

Beauty Ideals

Short, light hair with many, interwoven braids is the most common style. A leaner figure is desired with a decent amount of muscle and large eyes. Brightly colored wings are envied as well as lighter wings. Soft, downy feathers are also an ideal, wing grooming being a large part of their culture.

Courtship Ideals

Music is a large part of courtship, as well as mutual respect. When one wants to join with another they begin to sing a special song of thier own design. The other Avian then joins in with their own song to make something unique and special to them. as the song progresses, the duo takes to the skies, preforming tricks and dances, growing ever closer until they are right next to each other. They embrace or kiss and continue their relationship for another 2-4 months to make sure things work out.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Their first Language is Mystic, the Language of magic, but most learn Common and the land of their upbringing.

Common Etiquette Rules

proper wing care is polite, as is not touching another’s wings without permission, even if it is to fix a stray feather. Physical contact is a symbol of a deep and important relationship so it is mostly avoided between simple friends and acquaintances.

Common Dress Code

Avian Clothing is often a tight undergarment with a loose outer garment made of bright colors and layers of fabric. While it is perfectly acceptable to walk around without the outer garment seeing as it is what they fly in, most people


They were molded from dirt much like thier human counterparts. They were created in the image of Aria as an attempt to appease her in her suffering. Their affiliation with the skies worked for a few years but the didn’t satisfy Aria completely. after this initial failure, The avians split and built colonies all over Pangella with the task of bring peace and justice to the nations. The others took to their counsel swiftly, making way for them in their cities and providing protection for them in the chaos. But, once the Ice Queen took controle of Greenwood and began spreading her influence into the surrounding nations, Avian communities began disappearing. As time went on and the Ice Queen grew in power, Avians were actively hunted for sport and their supposed healing properties till there were none left.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
75 years
Conservation Status
They were hunted into extinction.
Average Height
Average Weight
80-120 lb
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Their coloring stays in the neutral tones, ranging from deep, rich browns to fair, silky whites and pinks.
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