A deep , underwater chasm in front of the Maze. It is the deepes part of the ocean, going to depths even the Abyss struggle to exist comfortably in. This Chasm holds secrets lost to time, secrets so old many people believe it contains the secret to creation itself. The Abyss is where Flow supposedly retreated to in her isolation.


Walls of Black, craggy rock. the deeper you go, the more uncovered precious metals are revealed, making its depths a desirable treature trove for pirates and adventurers.

Fauna & Flora

The main inhabitants of the abyss are the Abyss themselves. they named themselves after the chasm I hopes of deterring literally everything else but it hasn’t worked.

Natural Resources

THe Abyss is the sole source of a substance only used by the Abyss. this substance has no name to the outside world and is only known a select few outsiders.
Location under
Inhabiting Species

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