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The Warp Fleet

Rule the Waves, Ride the Warp

Over the Warp and O'er the Waves,   'Cross Contours, Storms, and Worlds Away,   12 Worlds command and we'll obey   Over the Warp and far away.
— Chorus of Over the Warp and Far Away, the official March of the Warp Fleet
  The Warp Fleet, this powerful force, is a Fleet of the United Commonwealth Navy, the largest such command and with complete control over all UCN vessels that sail across the Warp. Battleships by the dozen, cruisers and destroyers by the score, it is, as it has been for a hundred years, the most mighty armada to ever rule the Warp, and its sailors and admirals, steeped in traditions dating a century yet always at the cutting edge of the 12 Worlds, intend to keep it that way.  



Rites through Passage

Few institutions take such deep stock in their traditions as the Armed Services, and the Warp Fleet is more traditional than most. From the names endowed upon its vessels to the cut and colours of its uniforms, an attitude of deep, unwavering loyalty, dedication to a long and storied past, and lifelong service are instilled strongly in the sailors who make their careers among the lords of the Warp.  
The Ocean Throne
Perched atop a chalky white cliff on the tropical island of Pulau Yanauh, and overlooking a vast open bay littered with row upon row of titanic vessels, the 5 story neoclassical palace that houses the Headquarters of the Flag Officer Commanding, Warp Fleet presides above all before it.   Within its twisted confines and cluttered rooms, lives, breathes, and sleeps the bureaucratic machine that drives the Fleet in its daily life. Once the overseas holiday palace of a wealthy slave trading tycoon before the Corps of Marines put it to siege and and a Battleship threatened to reduce it to a faint memory, the vast complex would first serve as a great center for the fight against its former cause, when in 55 A.S. it was turned into the new headquarters for the United Commonwealth's anti slavery and anti piracy efforts on that World.      

Hero's Banners


Storied Leviathans

In its century of violent existence, and across the hundreds of battles it has fought amidst the storms of shell, shot and the Warp, a great many of the vessels that have served in its order of battle have gained legendary, near mythical stories and reputations around them.  
  • UCS Brazen
The oldest vessel, not just of the Warp Fleet, not even of the United Commonwealth Navy, but the oldest warship in the 12 Worlds still considered in active service, the UC Brazen is a ship with history.   Commissioned into service in 47 A.S., the Brazen was the first oil powered, fully armoured, Warp capable warship in naval history. Classed as a Battleship, though quite a light one by modern standards, it marked a revolution in Warp warship technology and design at its launching that would not be met by another nation for half a decade, keeping the UC firmly ahead of its rivals.   Constructed in the Sri-Hacker Shipyards of Harthport, the vessel could go faster and further than any warship before it in the Warp, and carried thicker armour across its hull, was armed eight 12 inch cannons that outranged and out penetrated anything else afloat, and had the fire control systems, detection, and communication ystems to make use of its powerful bite.   The ship would serve a storied career, the first warship to fire a shot in the calamitous conflict of the Chainbreaker Campaign against a flotilla of slave hunting warships and their 3 escorting destroyers. In a gunfight that lasted a mere 30 minutes, the Brazen expended some 50 shells and sank every last enemy warship into the oblivion of the Warp, toppling the final domino to unleash the dogs of war.   Now, she sits quietly alongside the shore, tied up to a pier in Pulau Yaunauh's open bay, under that warm tropical sun. It's reward, for all its many glories and efforts, at the ppinnaclee of the Fleet for so long, is to serve forevermore as the offcial, eternal Flagship of the Flag officer Commanding, Warp Fleet. And there she still rests, UCS Brazen, ever ready to serve still further.    
  • UCS Visionary
  • UCS Redoubtable
Military, Navy Fleet
Training Level
Veterancy Level

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