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An Inquisitor's Uniform

Don't let the fancy clothes fool you. An Inquisitor is not the sort of person to fool around with. -Doctor Richard Moore, to this author.

You are a a member of a cult. You worship a monster, committed to annihilating all humanity. You are being followed. And , when the time is ripe, you and your fellows will be found, and killed. The ones doing the killing are Inquisitors, and the following is a general overview of their uniforms.        One distinctive part of the Inquisitors get-up is the hat. The most favored is a peaked cap, ringed with a red line, with the a capital letter "I" embossed in the center, above a black visor.    Next is the jacket. The jacket is probably the most important and valuable part of the uniform. Impervious to fire, bullets, swords ,knives, and claw, an Inquisitorial jacket has one especially helpful trait. One the inside are large slit like pockets. These are connected not to pieces of cloth, but to an a pocket dimension, allowing an Inquisitor to store a veritable arsenal of weapons on their person. However, the size of the dimension, as well as the protective ability of the jacket, depend on the magical strength of its user.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory

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12 May, 2021 15:33

Already a nice start. As this is something said by a character you could use the quote format '[quote]'. That would make it look better I think. You could also add some extra info then and use the current text as an intro of sorts.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
12 May, 2021 17:00

Nice start! I'm wondering what the jacket looks like. Does it have a distinctive style or is the important bit only the pockets?   In addition to what Kefkejaco has said, I think you could also use the "[aloud]" for the bit where you address the reader as "you", that would put an emphasis on it. I like how ominous that bit sounds :D You could even extend it a bit to show how dangerous "the reader" is, and then there is the surprise that that's not the most dangerous person but that the inquisitors are and that they are going to kill them :D

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28 May, 2021 17:06

Nice outfit! I like the “I” on the cap, it really makes it stand out to show it as an Inquisitor’s Uniform. It’s also nice how the outfit is impervious to various types of damage, that must certainly be quite useful! I won’t repeat what the other two have said about the quote, though that could work, I do think the way you have it still works well enough.

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